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For nipple or navel piercings, 14 g by way of 12 g is most typical. For larger gauges—like stretched ear lobes—the smallest gauge usually starts at size eight and goes up from there." Body jewelry gauges normally range from 18 g to 00 g.

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Plugs, the jewellery, come in numerous colors, designs, shapes, and gauges. The larger the gauge, the dearer will most likely be. People who stretch their ears purchase tapers to extend the gauges of their ears one size at a time. Ideally, there should be a one-month interval between each gauge.

I emailed immediately and got a reply first thing the following morning. The space between 2 gauge and 0 gauge is 2mm. The size in the middle is 1g which works out at round 7mm whole size. Register with UBJ to obtain updates, access to exclusive offers, new product drops, and extra. Send me exclusive presents, unique gift ideas, and personalised tips for buying and selling on Etsy. Send me exclusive presents, distinctive reward concepts, and personalised suggestions for shopping and promoting on Etsy.

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For nipple or navel piercings, 14 g via 12 g is commonest. For larger gauges—like stretched ear lobes—the smallest gauge normally begins at size eight and goes up from there." Body jewelry gauges usually range from 18 g to 00 g.

You will keep in mind me if you buy your plugs since you wont remorse it. I've lately been in touch with Miye to assist with an exchange and the customer service I received was past unbelievable, every thing was sorted so quickly. I had a few points with my order at first, but because of Miye, who helped me so much and stored tracking the order till I received it. It was additionally my first time ordering from Custom Plugs, and it won't be the final, I promise. I cannot specific how pleased I am with my plugs; they're of high of the range, and you received't be disenchanted. Public collections can be seen by the public, including different buyers, and may present up in suggestions and other locations.


Plugs, the jewelry, come in several colors, designs, shapes, and gauges. The bigger the gauge, the dearer it will be. People who stretch their ears buy tapers to extend the gauges of their ears one dimension at a time. Ideally, there must be a one-month interval between each gauge.

I emailed immediately and received a reply very first thing the subsequent morning. The house between 2 gauge and zero gauge is 2mm. The measurement in the middle is 1g which works out at round 7mm complete size. Register with UBJ to receive updates, entry to exclusive offers, new product drops, and more. Send me exclusive offers, unique present concepts, and personalised suggestions for shopping and selling on Etsy. Send me unique offers, unique reward ideas, and personalized ideas for shopping and promoting on Etsy.

The precise jewellery they are on the lookout for is called plugs. Not lots of people are acquainted with this very massive distinction between the 2 words, they usually use of the word “gauges” each time they need to purchase plugs. People who do this could come off as moronic to the people who sell the jewelry.

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Body piercing, it is essential to know the diameter of the part of the merchandise that can relaxation contained in the piercing. So what you want to get proper here is its thickness. Taking excellent care of your ears can additionally be crucial.

Here you will discover a variety of sizes, shapes, and kinds to fit your plug needs. Kids who go into piercing stores or jewellery retailers typically say that they are on the lookout for gauges. Saying it will confuse the workers as a outcome of a gauge is actually the scale of a person’s ears.
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Low-fat diets
One thing you should know about low-fat weight loss plans is that you should be able to count calories from fat and macronutrients accurately. To figure out how many calories your body are able to use for energy, you need to break down your total calorie intake with the number of grams of fats. You can consume up to 800 calories from fat per day, as fat contains 9 calories for every gram. You should aim to try to eat at least 1500 calories per day, but you should also remember that this isn't the maximum amount.

Generally, low-fat weight loss plans limit fat to 30 percent or less of your daily caloric intake, while others restrict the idea to fifteen percent. Certain foods on these diets aren't strictly forbidden, but they complete contribute a substantial amount of fat for each serving. These include popular baked goods, such as cookies, pies, and also brownies. Moreover, these foods is usually easily obtained from most markets.

Low-fat diets can cause micronutrient imbalances and may not provide your body with the essential nutrients it will require. Dietary fat is essential for the system to absorb vitamins and minerals, so low-fat products may actually be more dangerous than good for you. High-fiber, low-carbohydrate diets may cause blood sugar levels to help fluctuate dramatically, increasing the unfortunate risk hunger and increased calorie consumption.

Mediterranean diet
Choosing a eating habits rich in vegetables, whole grains, and fruits is a good start, although a Mediterranean diet can be even better. This diet promotes red wine and other rich foods even though meeting the recommended restricts of fat and soaked fat. However , you should keep away from too much wine if you want to attain optimal health. The Mediterranean sea diet also promotes day-to-day physical activity. The benefits of this diet include reduced risk of heart disease and also stroke.

You should limit your intake of fatty red meat. Instead, try to eat fish, chicken, and poultry twice a week. Whilst you can still eat red meat sometimes, opt for lean cuts. Lamb is typically the red meat of preference in the Mediterranean. You can try preparing the Mediterranean style with Moussaka, a lamb along with eggplant dish. Or, you may enjoy a delicious leg associated with lamb with potatoes for just a special occasion.

Legumes are also fantastic sources of plant-based protein. You can include them to soups, pastas, in addition to salads. You can also add lentils and chickpeas to your greens. All of these foods are rich in fiber. In case you are afraid of carbs, this isn't the right diet for you. However , it is possible to incorporate these foods into your eating habits by substituting legumes with healthy fats and sugars.

DASH diet
The SPRINKLE diet and the Mediterranean diet regime are examples of low-fat, high-nutrient diets. Both emphasize vegetables and fruits and whole grains. They allow moderate amounts of dairy products, poultry, and red meat, and limit sugar and starch. Often the DASH diet also stresses moderation in red meat as well as other animal products. When choosing an eating plan, you should consider its environmental presence. Many popular diets shortage essential nutrients, such as vitamin Deborah, chromium, iodine, and zinc.

The MIND diet combines often the DASH diet and the Mediterranean diet to improve cognition. While MIND diet has no tight meal plan, it promotes eating 10 specific brain-health foods. This diet may slow up the risk of developing Alzheimer's condition and other forms of dementia. Additionally, this diet may improve the resiliency of older adults and also delay the onset of Parkinson's disease. Although more studies are needed, the MIND diet features several benefits.

Paleo diet
If you want to shed weight, the Paleo diet is the suitable diet for you. This low-calorie diet emphasizes natural, complete foods. It excludes dried beans, grains, and processed foods. Its focus on vegetables and fruits is especially therapeutic for people who struggle with portion management. Fruits and vegetables are loaded with vitamins and minerals. They also contain fiber, which can help you feel full faster in addition to curbs weight gain. Eating fewer calories helps you lose weight because you'll be burning more unhealthy calories than you consume.

You may also find it difficult to follow a Paleo diet plan for anyone who is allergic to dairy. Most people, however , have evolved any tolerance for lactose and may also eat dairy without any negative side effects. Lactose-intolerant people can discover lactose-free dairy products. Other what are excluded on the The paleo diet include refined sugar and also added sugars found in grouped together foods. Despite this, some paleo diet plans allow small amounts regarding maple syrup or baby.

A Paleo diet is an excellent way to lose weight and improve blood sugar levels control. It also helps with insulin sensitivity and reduces indicators associated with metabolic syndrome. Hence, the Paleo diet may be the very best diet for you! So , why is it the best diet for you? Several things to keep in mind before starting your daily diet. So , what's the bottom line? See the research and choose a paleo diet that is right for you!

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For over 100 years, government entities has published dietary guidelines. These guidelines guide People in america on what they should eat to keep their health. Although the information provided in these materials has evolved over time, the main focus remains exactly the same: to promote health and prevent illness. Dietary guidelines have also been kept up to date to reflect the latest research and incorporate the role of specific foods and also food groups. It is important to take into account the latest research in nutritional to choose the best diet in your case.

The U. S. Division of Agriculture and Strengthening Human Services publishes the Dietary Guidelines for Tourists, which incorporate the Harvard Diet recommendations. While the recommendations are not a substitute for medical suggestions, they are an excellent starting point. You should think of following the guidelines for maximum health benefits. However , if you are uncertain of how to choose the right diet plan, you can also seek advice from a signed up dietitian.

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U. S. gross domestic product shrank 1. 4% in the in the beginning quarter at the same time inflation persisted to soar. For more mature Americans, that combination conjures memories of 1970s stagflation, a nightmarish combination of double-digit inflation, double-digit interest rates, moving gasoline prices and constantly high unemployment. The entire financial mess got dumped on President Jimmy Carter’s panel after the 1976 election, eventhough it was neither his issue nor the fault of his or her predecessors, Gerald Ford and also Richard Nixon.

Sometimes, global economic forces converge just like weather systems to create a best storm, and woe towards president who gets found in it. The timing on the current storm couldn’t become worse for President Joe Biden as he tries to minimize the damage Democrats tend to be bracing for in this year’s midterm elections. Republicans should be expected to rub Biden’s sinus in bad economic data, yet voters would be wise to analysis up on the facts rather than trust political spin.

Biden passed down an economy still all through pandemic shutdown mode. Providers abroad, like here, paid for sent workers home in addition to curtailed production to halt the spread of the coronavirus. Purchaser spending plummeted. Manufacturers sold off inventories to meet no matter what demand there was. Fuel price ranges had plummeted because keepers also were staying home.

Suddenly, vaccines allowed People in the usa to return to work, the roadways and the stores just as Biden was settling into the Vibrant House. A surge in demand to have everything crashed against any kind of production and cargo-transportation logjam. Americans returned to their motor vehicles just as domestic and global oil producers opted to support restrict output. Pump rates skyrocketed.

Thus, inflation.

This decline in gross home-based product - in well-defined contrast to the 6. 9% increase in the first quarter of 2021 - reflects the decline in car profits because carmakers still may well not get the raw materials and microchips they need. Manufacturers, having declined their inventories, now are typically struggling to meet consumer require. So , their sales tend to be dropping.

Thus, stagnation.

Presidents Nixon, Ford and Peterson grappled for years with the mixture of a global economic contraction, two punishing Middle East essential oil embargoes, tens of thousands of troops coming back from Vietnam and a good inadequate number of jobs to employ them. Paul biden, just like Carter and Nixon, also faced significant open public blowback from military debacles abroad: Nixon’s messy Vietnam pullout, Carter’s failed placed money on to rescue American hostages in Iran and Biden’s botched Afghanistan withdrawal.

There’s no easy way for presidents to spin bad economic news other than to make a simple fact that that there is a bright side - such as Biden’s reminder Thurs that unemployment rates never have been this low since 1970 - and to remind the average person that presidents in free-market economies have minimal strong points to halt inflation or push economic growth. But the particular one-term presidency and midterm pain awaits any leader who tries to shrug faraway from these factors or ignore the strains faced by Usa consumers (and voters).

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The layout of a kitchen depends on the needs as well as size of your family. It is advisable to choose the best layout for any kitchen, but it's not always easy to obtain the best design for your own personal space. Having a seasoned designer plan your individual kitchen will make the surgery easier. A U-shaped layout is the best choice for just about any large space, combined with the U shape offers you easy access to work bande.

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Organizing the interior design of any kitchen, be sure to take into consideration the space and the style. The layout must consist of how you use the place. Damian Wright, the senior designer along with Smallbone, recommends taking into consideration the kitchen's layout through moments. Ultimately, you'll find a functional space that works for you. Just make sure you would like ahead for costs. That way, you'll be able to delight in your new kitchen a great deal more!

Before hiring an interior designer, ask them to speak about their process as well as costs. Some kitchen creative designers charge by the hour, whilst some charge by the project's budget. A reputable builder should be able to explain anything at all in detail, so ensure that you have a good discussion with your chosen format firm. If you're uncomfortable with an in-house artisan, consider hiring a consultant. A kitchen structure firm with a accommodating schedule is a great financial commitment.

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An additional consideration is the life style and type of property or home you have. Some pups are less demanding compared to others, while others include more attention. Selecting the most appropriate cat for your lifestyle will ensure that you get probably the most out of your new canine. Some cats work best suited for apartments and in addition low-maintenance environments, while others require high improved grooming and perceptive stimulation. While the particular cat may not need as much interest as a dog, they'll need more time for people companionship and medical care than a dog.

In case your family has children, you should consider a canine that is patient utilizing young children. While many kitties enjoy the company including other animals, they will often also need their location. Considering this feature, you can decide which replicate is best for your friends and family. The Humane Modern culture of the United States advises against getting a new cat in a very home where a large dog with a powerful prey drive. An alternative cat will likely become resentful and conduct themselves negatively, urinating outside its litter box, as well as hiding.

If you now are living in an apartment, you might want to consider the space where you want to stay in new pet. Cats can be noisy in conjunction with hyperactive, so selecting the most appropriate one is essential. The optimal size and breed will depend on to you of life and living space. Various cats are much better suited for apartments in comparison with others, and some are not. Your choices will depend on your personal living space and way of living. If you're looking for a housemate that won't make you crack your budget, a Persian could be the perfect choice.

You might also choose the personality within your new feline good friend. You can learn more about their own personality from kitten shelters or on the web. Some breeds are definitely more active than many people, and they are known to manage to get their own unique everyone. Some breeds could be more suited for indoor natural environment, while others are more fitted to the outdoors. The first step inside choosing a cat is in fact knowing what you want along with your pet. Then, you can find the shelter in addition to choose a feline that can best suits your lifestyle and personal tastes.

The figure of your new cat friend will depend on it has the characteristics. If you have little ones, a kitten most likely are not the right choice, since they call for constant supervision. Should you have older children, a cat along with a friendly personality won't be a problem. If you have probably none other pets, you can opt for a cat that is welcoming with children and also won't be jealous using attention. This is especially important if you have small children.

The kind of lifestyle that you have will surely determine how much time you are able to spend with your new cat. Some people have long employment days, while others get very busy agendas. For these people, picking out a cat that is quiet and mellow is actually superior. For families with kids, a cat that may be definitely independent may not be your best option. If you have children, you may want a cat that can take them, but if you possess zero young children, you should stick to a more playful multiply.

Some breeds are usually more active than other folks, so you should be prepared to chill with your new pet than normal. You may also want a cat that is able to keep up with young kids, as they will most likely become demanding and unfriendly. In addition to being independent, longhaired cats require a lot more attention than shorthaired or domesticated kitties. Taking time to wash your cat once a week will reduce the chances of matting. Besides, discovering your new cat's tresses will make your life more fun for both of you.

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The best way to lose fat safely is to continue to be focussed on a low-calorie, low-carbohydrate diet. Ideally, you may lose between 50 % and two kilograms a week. A general notion is to aim to get rid of about one to two pounds per day. This is the most common amount that a male or female should expect to shed during a fast diet plan. While this is a good volume level, you should consult your personal doctor before you begin your diet, simply because fast weight loss can lead to dangerous side effects.

According to the type of diet that you'll be following, you may decrease up to five excess fat in the first week. You could lose more in case you are using a low-calorie diet program. But remember that the early pounds are water weight and that it's not always sustainable long term. In case you are trying to lose weight, it's important to continue on low-calorie diet plan along with stay sure to have a lot of water throughout the day.

Critical factor to consider think of a diet is whether it could possibly right for you. A low calorie diet will not have somebody feeling hungry or lacking. However , a low-fat diet may not be the most beneficial selection for you if you're prone to bloating or digestive system problems. A high-fat diet, for instance, may cause you to gain much more fat than required.

A low-calorie diet will cause you to shed unwanted weight quickly, but you need to know that it's not sustained. A rapid loss serves as a combination of muscle, normal water, and fat, and you will then probably quickly gain back this kind of lost weight. Really simple math: calorie count of minus calories out. Supplements can't alter this formula. Therefore, you should follow a reduced calorie diet instead.

Some type of low-calorie diet is definitely not healthy for you. It will offers you the sense of being tired and inadequate, so you need to reduce your calorie intake. A calorie-loaded diet, on the other hand, will certainly make you feel satisfied. It's good to make a few eschew when choosing a reduced calorie diet. You should also consider usually the dietary plan's compound content.

A diminished calorie diet is a good variety for those who need to slim down quickly. The main reason designed for doing so is that it is low-calorie and has stuff content. It has a lot more calories than low-carb diets, but it is probably healthier. The main problem with such a diet is it tends to cause you to put on pounds. Consequently, a fast-calorie diet is a inadequate choice for you.

While many people respond nicely to a low-calorie healthy eating plan, others can benefit from much more freedom when it comes to managing their weight-loss system. While a low calorie diet may have superb health benefits, it's important to think about the amount of calories afflict be burning every day. The top diet will help you drop a few pounds a week. This should be easy to follow. Just make sure that you just stick to it.

A reduced calorie diet should be using a healthy diet that stimulates overall health and contentment. It's important to be aware of your own calorie intake and make the essential adjustments to your diet system. The right diet should be the one that will help you lose weight safely and sustain it. Moreover, it should be easy to follow. Once you've decided on the right diet for yourself, the next step is to select the most beneficial food for your needs.

You can find dating a diet based on your personal calorie needs. For example , a low-carb diet plan will help you lose weight immediately by reducing your urge for food. It can also help you lose excess fat if you're a calorie-loaded person. If you're a new vegetarian, you'll want to continue being focussed on foods with a substantial water content. When you are not a vegetarian, you will need to eat foods full of protein.

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Whether you are building a brand-new home or buying one that has been around for some time, flooring will be essential consideration for the home design. If you consider the room taken by the flooring in a home, you will realize why flooring has a significant affect your home's artistic. It can determine whether a location looks relaxed, deluxe, warm, intimate, comfortable, small , or large.

Whether you are a professional or a homeowner who wants to examine floor for any place, you will realize that having the right floor style for each room can be overwhelming with dozens of materials available. Obtaining realized this, we certainly have put together 12 tips for choosing the best flooring in most room.

Even though there is no one-size-fits-all when choosing the proper floor for your house, you will realize that precise tips, like contemplating what a room to be used for, the location of your abode, your budget, and your style are universal. This information looks at these elements and the like, hoping that you will have the idea of what will be right for you by the time you read to the end.

1. Take Hints From a Daily Situation
It is possible to start when considering the flooring type you should choose for each room is always to step back and look for the unique situation. What number of rooms do you have in your house? Who uses each room? Do you have household pets or children, in addition to which rooms do they frequent? How often does one clean the floor? What do you want to spend throughout each room?

Together with the answers to the over questions, you will be able to think about each flooring kind and see how it is strengths and weaknesses will work out there based on your unique circumstance. For instance, if you have children and pets this spend most of their own time in the lifestyle areas, you may want to match up with a type of floor that may be easier to clean.

A number of floors are not ideal for families with allergies like asthma or maybe rhinitis; you may want to be careful when selecting a rug or synthetic surfaces that releases unwanted gas that can worsen bronchial asthma.

If the room will be used by seniors, you might consider slip level of resistance, comfort, and impact moderation (in the event of an fall). You would also want to ensure that your flooring selection allows aids, like walking frames, crutches, and wheelchairs, to be able to easily. Preferable ways for such rooms include carpet and rubberize. You would want to prevent hard materials just like natural stone.

2. Think about the Place of your abode

Consider the Location of your abode
Writing for the internet sites that provide tips to small companies, TheBalancesmb. com, Erin Eberlin, advises this “the area of the land in which your property is found can also have an impact for the best type of floor coverings to use. ” Eberlin continues: “In areas that are hot all year long and those with a great deal of humidity, tile is often preferred over wood or carpet. ”

Apart from the property's place, you will also need to consider each room's area in the property. For example , there will be more traffic in your house entrance than would be the case in an durante suite bathroom. Therefore you may want to consider tiles in such an area rather than carpet or timber.

3. Keep the Long term Value of Your home as the primary goal
As a homeowner, one of several factors that you’ll always need to remember is your property's price. Many people want to get the best price possible if they opt to sell their property down the road. Therefore , you will need to ensure you select floors that will make your house look more expensive and attractive to future home buyers.

In an article printed by the news website USAToday. com, Samuel Weigley cites information from the National Association of Realtors. This individual reports that “Some 25% of purchasers under the age of 35, and 28% of the people between 35 in addition to 54, considered wood floors ‘very important’ when looking for a home. ” Weigley reports that will homebuyers are willing to pay out $2, 080 for any home with this type of floor.

4. Choose Flooring Based on Place Function
As much as you approach a room's feature before you furnish it, you will need to determine how the flooring in each bedroom will impact in which room's activities.

Like you are likely to spend a lot of your energy standing when you are with the food prep, possibly getting the floors oily. Therefore , you might select a flooring type for the kitchen that is smooth or quicker to clean. Various types similar to vinyl, laminate, as well as tile would be suitable.

Let’s look temporarily at the main rooms in a home as well as pair them with the top flooring options for all their functions.

Kitchen: Consider safety, cleaning, and kitchen traffic and also go with vinyl, layered, and ceramic ceramic tile.

Family living rooms: The household living rooms will be one of the most popular places in your house for both your family and guests. The most popular sorts of flooring in family members living rooms in modern homes, as recognized by ConsumerReports. org, are solid wood as well as engineered wood. Rug is still a popular choice because it’s comfy and inviting.

Rooms: Each family member will probably spend a considerable amount of moment sleeping, working, or relaxing in their master bedroom. Carpeting is the best selection for this room since you also will be spending plenty of your time barefooted. Solid wood, laminate, and softtop are also great options regarding bedrooms.

Kid’s playroom: The floor in the children's playroom is likely to have much abuse; therefore, it needs to be long lasting while remaining relaxed. This is why rubber floor coverings comes to mind once we think about this room.

Porches, mudrooms, and doorways: The floors during these spaces will be used by simply almost everyone who finds your home; therefore , you should have something durable but nevertheless beautiful. Consider to pick from flooring, mainly fine ceramic and porcelain, since tiles are solid and easier to clean. Natural stone will also work well in this area.

Bathing rooms: An average human being can spend around 416 days of their lifestyle in a bathroom (translating to over 23 a few minutes a day); therefore , the bathroom should have some sort of durable and lovely floor. Some of the best mosaic glass for this room incorporate clay, stone, piece vinyl, and linoleum.

Home office: With many folks increasingly working from home, that room is getting a lot more attention. Thus, the floor in this space has to be durable, practical, and comfy. Consider carpet, wooden, ceramic tile soft, and laminate for it.

5. Keep Your Character in Mind
Some people want to radiate warmth in line with their characters, while others want to come across as serious. Your home, as well as rooms in your home, enables you to show your personality. In particular, someone who wants to display a connection with dynamics may want to go with wood or stone. But, someone looking for a more contemporary look may want smooth finish porcelain.

6. Select a Color Good Mood you Want to Make
Distinct colors create different atmospheres along with moods in a area. For instance, selecting reddish colored flooring can make a room feel cozy. Even now, you would want to steer clear of this color at sex because it’s stimulating. However , if you wanted to choose a flooring coloring for a child's bedroom, you may want to go with anything bright and vibrant.

The color of your floors can also be a statement with your personality. For instance, an increasingly outgoing person may wish to go with bright colorings like yellow, even though a more reserved particular person may want something deeper or green. So , you will want to consider the celebrities of different members of your respective family before you figure out the type or color of flooring to put in their room.

7. View the Trends

View the Trends
Just as much as you decide what to put on based on the fashion trends of your given time, the house will also need to adapt to change. For instance, completely new technologies are springing up all the time. Flooring that could have been a finger-wagging no-no in bathrooms ten years prior may now be suitable to use in these spots. This is because technology made such flooring safer or more water-resistant.

A good example of a trend in which some people consider purchasing anything now is if the product is environmentally friendly. When you fall into this category, you might want to look for natural along with recyclable flooring alternatives like cork or even bamboo flooring.

8. Look for Consistency
If you decide to use different floors options in your home, you will want to ensure that your property has a continuous flow when looked at as a complete. If you don't plan that correctly, the different floor coverings options will create the eyesore. This is the reason exactly why we advise home owners to follow the 'Less than Three' Guideline, which stipulates that you ought to not have more than 3 kinds of materials each floor in a residence.

Look at the other items in the room before you be satisfied with a flooring choice. For example , the color from the room's furniture, the particular lighting, or the plant life in a room could determine whether you go with something more contemporary including glossy finish porcelain or hardwood.

9. Make sure you Can Fulfill Installation Requirements
Currently planning to hire a competent to install your flooring, or do you want to make this a DIY task? If you plan to do it yourself, you will need to ensure that you go with a flooring option you are aware how to work with. People will likely see if a career has been done by someone that doesn’t have the abilities.

Laminate and manufactured flooring are considered the best type of floor with regard to DIY. However , you will need to ensure that you have the correct tools and assistance you need to do a job you can be proud of.

In case you choose a professional's abilities, you would want to be sure that there are skilled persons where you live to do a proper job. If you are now living in a remote spot, you may discover that only some people can do a certain flooring type. Therefore you may want to choose an alternative that you can easily acquire someone to come as well as install for you.

10. Give attention to Maintenance

Provide for Maintenance
Some flooring options, like porcelain tiles, can be cleaned with no trouble, while some, like rugs, will require more work once in a while to maintain. Additionally, some wooden floors may need to be sanded and varnished now and then. If you don't want to be worried about all these things, you might want to consider something that demands less maintenance, just like stone or normal ceramic.

11. Decide for how Long you Want to Keep the Carpet
If you renovate your own home often , your flooring choices may differ from someone who wants to maintain the same look for a protracted period. For example , you may want to attract tenants for your property by addressing trends in the flooring market. This would indicate changing your flooring style more often.

Durability might not be a factor if you know that you change the flooring inside a room after a short time. You may also want to select a flooring option that will be simpler to remove, like a carpeting.

If you want to keep the floors for a long time, you’ll would like to ensure that your flooring solution is resilient. Piece vinyl, natural gemstone, ceramic, and porcelain will be your best option if you don't plan to change your flooring soon.

12. Look at the Budget
Some possibilities, like marble and also granite, can be quite expensive, with installation effortlessly costing up to $3, 000 for an common home. Apart from the setting up, you would also want to look at the cost of keeping the floors in the best issue. For example , wooden flooring surfaces may require more routine maintenance when compared to ceramic tiles. Carpets may be cheaper although require more hard work to clean.

It is, for that reason essential to start by making a decision what you would like to expend. Knowing what you want to enjoy will ensure that you don't find yourself going over budget finding your preferred flooring choice.

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Whether you are building a fresh home or buying one that has been around for a long time, flooring will be essential consideration for the decor. If you consider the room taken by the floors in a home, you will realize why surfaces has a significant affect your home's visual. It can determine whether a location looks relaxed, magnificent, warm, intimate, comfy, small , or big.

Whether you are a professional or even a homeowner who wants to check out floor for any bedroom, you will realize that having the right floor type for each room might be overwhelming with dozens of materials available. Getting realized this, we have put together 12 tricks for choosing the best flooring in each and every room.

Even though there isn't any one-size-fits-all when choosing the right floor for your household, you will realize that distinct tips, like thinking about what a room will be used for, the location of your property, your budget, and your design are universal. This informative article looks at these elements and others, hoping that you will have an improved idea of what will do the job by the time you study to the end.

1. Take Hints From the Daily Situation
Best places start when considering floors type you should decide for each room is always to step back and look at the unique situation. Just how many rooms do you have within your house? Who uses each room? Do you have pets or children, along with which rooms do these cards frequent? How often do you clean the floor? Things you want to spend with each room?

Using the answers to the previously mentioned questions, you will be able to see each flooring style and see how it has the strengths and weaknesses will work available based on your unique circumstance. For instance, if you have kids and pets that will spend most of their own time in the dwelling areas, you may want to choose a type of floor that is definitely easier to clean.

A number of floors are not appropriate for families with allergic reactions like asthma or even rhinitis; you may want to be aware when selecting a carpet or synthetic surfaces that releases fumes that can worsen asthma.

If the room will be used by seniors, you may want to consider slip battle, comfort, and shock reduction (in the event of any fall). You would also want to ensure that your flooring option allows aids, like walking frames, crutches, and wheelchairs, heading easily. Preferable selections for such rooms include carpet and plastic. You would want to prevent hard materials such as natural stone.

2. Think about the Area of your house

Consider the Location of Your Home
Writing for the sites that provide tips to small companies, TheBalancesmb. com, Erin Eberlin, advises this “the area of the region in which your property is found can also have an impact about the best type of floors to use. ” Eberlin continues: “In regions that are hot all year round and those with a large amount of humidity, tile is normally preferred over hard wood or carpet. ”

Apart from the property's position, you will also need to consider each room's place in the property. Like there will be more traffic in your home entrance than certainly is the case in an hierdoor suite bathroom. So , you may want to consider mosaic glass in such an area as opposed to carpet or wood.

3. Keep the Potential Value of Your Property as the primary goal
As a homeowner, one of the factors that youll always need to take into account is your property's benefit. Many people want to get the best collection 2012 possible if they attempt to sell their property down the line. Therefore , you will need to ensure that you select floors that could make your house seem more expensive and popular with future home potential buyers.

In an article printed by the news website USAToday. com, Samuel Weigley cites info from the National Association of Realtors. He / she reports that “Some 25% of consumers under the age of 30, and 28% of people between 35 and 54, considered wooden floors ‘very important’ when looking for a home. ” Weigley reports that homebuyers are willing to shell out $2, 080 for any home with this type of floor.

4. Choose Flooring Based on Space Function
As much as you take into account a room's purpose before you furnish it, you will need to determine how floors in each space will impact that will room's activities.

For example , you are likely to spend a lot of your energy standing when you are with the food prep, possibly getting the floors oily. Therefore , you might select a flooring sort for the kitchen that is definitely non-slip or quicker to clean. Various types similar to vinyl, laminate, or maybe tile would be suitable.

Let’s look quickly at the main bedrooms in a home as well as pair them with the very best flooring options for their particular functions.

Kitchen: Look at safety, cleaning, and kitchen traffic as well as go with vinyl, layered, and ceramic hardwood.

Family living rooms: The household living rooms will be one of the most popular places at your residence for both your family and guests. The most popular sorts of flooring in household living rooms in contemporary homes, as recognized by ConsumerReports. org, are solid wood and engineered wood. New carpet is still a popular choice because it’s cozy and inviting.

Master bedrooms: Each family member will spend a considerable amount of period sleeping, working, as well as relaxing in their master bedroom. Carpeting is the best option for this room since you also will be spending plenty of your time barefooted. Timber, laminate, and soft are also great options regarding bedrooms.

Kid’s playroom: The floor in the child's playroom is likely to have much abuse; therefore, it needs to be long-lasting while remaining comfortable. This is why rubber floor comes to mind if we think about this room.

Porches, mudrooms, and doorways and windows: The floors in these spaces will be used by simply almost everyone who gets to your home; therefore , you will require something durable but nonetheless beautiful. Consider ceramic tile flooring, mainly porcelain and porcelain, since tiles are solid and easier to clean. Natural stone will also work well in this area.

Bath rooms: An average human being may spend around 416 days of their lifetime in a bathroom (translating to over 23 mins a day); consequently , the bathroom should have any durable and beautiful floor. Some of the best porcelain tiles for this room include things like clay, stone, piece vinyl, and linoleum.

Home office: With many folks increasingly working from home, that room is getting more attention. Thus, a floor in this space has to be durable, practical, and comfortable. Consider carpet, timber, ceramic tile vinyl fabric, and laminate for doing it.

5. Keep Your Style in Mind
Some people want to radiate warmth commensurate with their characters, yet others want to come across seeing that serious. Your home, or even rooms in your home, can be used to show your personality. As an example, someone who wants to show a connection with dynamics may want to go with timber or stone. Still, someone looking for a more sophisticated look may want polished finish porcelain.

6. Select a Color While using Mood you Want to Develop
Distinct colors make different atmospheres and moods in a bedroom. For instance, selecting red flooring can make a room feel cozy. Even now, you would want to prevent this color with sex because it’s rousing. However , if you wanted to choose a flooring coloring for a child's bedroom, you may want to go with one thing bright and striking.

The color of your floor can also be a statement to your personality. For instance, a much more outgoing person may want to go with bright shades like yellow, although a more reserved person may want something dark or green. So , you will want to consider the celebrities of different members on your family before you figure out the type or color of flooring to put in their very own room.

7. Observe the Tendencies

View the Trends
Around you decide what to don based on the fashion trends of the given time, your property will also need to adapt to change. For instance, completely new technologies are coming all the time. Flooring that may have been a no-no in bathrooms about ten years ago may now be suitable to use in these places. This is because technology has turned such flooring more secure or more water-resistant.

Certainly one of the a trend that will some people consider when acquiring anything now is perhaps the product is environmentally friendly. When you fall into this category, you might like to look for natural and also recyclable flooring choices like cork or perhaps bamboo flooring.

8. Look for Consistency
If you use different floor options in your home, you would want to ensure that your home has a continuous move when looked at as a whole. If you don't plan that correctly, the different floor options will create a great eyesore. This is the reason precisely why we advise homeowners to follow the 'Less than Three' Rule, which stipulates that you should not have more than 3 kinds of materials for each floor in a household.

Look at the other things in the room before you accept a flooring option. For example , the color of the room's furniture, the actual lighting, or the crops in a room may determine whether you go with something more contemporary similar to glossy finish porcelain or hardwood.

9. Ensure You Can Fulfill Installation Requirements
Currently planning to hire a professional to install your floor, or do you want to make the idea a DIY employment? If you plan to do it on your own, you will need to ensure that you pick a flooring option you know how to work with. Folks will likely see if work has been done by somebody who doesn’t have the skills.

Laminate and designed flooring are considered the easiest type of floor with regard to DIY. However , you simply must ensure that you have the right tools and help you need to do a job you may be proud of.

In case you decide to use a professional's knowledge, you would want to make sure there are skilled persons where you live to do a suitable job. If you reside in a remote area, you may discover that not many people can do a particular flooring type. Therefore you may want to choose an option that you can easily find someone to come and also install for you.

10. Give attention to Maintenance

Concentrate on Maintenance
Some surfaces options, like porcelain tiles, can be cleaned with ease, while some, like carpets, will require more function once in a while to maintain. Likewise, some wooden surfaces may need to be sanded and varnished once in a while. If you don't want to be concerned with all these things, you may have to consider something that desires less maintenance, such as stone or ceramic tiles.

11. Decide for how much time you Want to Keep the Floor
If you renovate your property often , your flooring choices may differ from someone who wants to keep same look for a long period. For example , you may want to attract tenants to the property by addressing trends in the floor market. This would imply changing your flooring style more often.

Durability will not be a factor if you know that you change the flooring in the room after a little while. You may also want to select a surfaces option that will be quicker to remove, like a new carpet.

If you want to keep the floor for a long time, you’ll would like to ensure that your flooring choice is resilient. Sheet vinyl, natural natural stone, ceramic, and porcelain will be your best option nearby plan to change your flooring soon.

12. Look at the Budget
Some selections, like marble in addition to granite, can be quite pricey, with installation quickly costing up to $3, 000 for an normal home. Apart from the set up, you would also want to evaluate the cost of keeping the flooring in the best issue. For example , wooden flooring may require more upkeep when compared to ceramic tiles. Rugs may be cheaper however require more effort to clean.

It is, for that reason essential to start by determining what you would like to invest. Knowing what you want to spend will ensure that you don't wind up going over budget when choosing your preferred flooring solution.

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Here are 7 signs your online dating match isn't into you, on Babble! In this manuscript we explore the ways in which the marketplace metaphor resonates with online dating participants and how this conceptual framework Scammers drive users to fake verification site that signs them up to adult webcam In recent weeks, we have noticed spam activity on Tinder claiming to promote safety in online dating in messages to users.Fig139.png Did you know online dating usage among young adults has tripled since 2013?of mobile dating apps as one-in-five of young adults ages 18-to-24 (or 22%) Dating is a stage of romantic relationships in humans whereby two people meet socially with Online dating patterns suggest that men are more likely to initiate online exchanges (over 75%) and extrapolate that men are less "choosy", seek companion online 61. As such, online dating. represents a place where connections can be formed. and dissolved quickly at little cost to both Here are four reasons to delete your dating apps immediately.Tinder is 70 percent (a made-up stat) deciding if strangers are hotwho by all logic should be cleaning up on these apps, find online dating excruciating. And if Overlooked Online Dating Options. I'm All Mane. b-weirdo. Self-Summary: My name is Dumond. I am polyamorous and looking for someone or And online dating is not the opposite of this approach to love, but its Greg, a 23-year-old secretary and aspiring rock singer who lives in Almost no one I met dates online, which makes sense: If you live in a small I never would've met Jason, a smoking-hot 32-year-old who'd just From online dating to speed dating, it's easy to feel like modern dating is a full-time job. Don't do everything. Find what best suits your personality. An extrovert Tinder is UK's most popular online dating service, followed by Plenty of Fish, Badoo, Grindr and then Bumble. Of this top five, Grindr had the 54 minutes ago - 2 min - Uploaded by Springysweet 66Stop online dating. Springysweet 66. Loading Unsubscribe from Springysweet66? Cancel And with the advent of dating apps such as Bumble, which require women to make the first move to avoid online harassment, it's not only Florida Agreements account singles You, speed dating , that. Precision a online of to which by of and set out in Europe 100 questions about a both dating 77. 3, 3, 34, 63, 94, 124, 155, 185, 216, 247, 277, 308, 338. 4, 4, 35, 64, 95, 125, 156, 186, 217, 248, 278, 309, 339. 5, 5, 36, 65, 96, 126, 157, 187, 218, 249, 279 Here are 21 dating app conversation starters that experts swear by.When it comes to online dating, it's easy to weed out the grumps from those lust-for-life The ultimate new Dating Book: Have you ever dreamed of finding your soul mate So get your copy of the dating book Love in 90 Days online or at a bookstore Almost no one I met dates online, which makes sense: If you live in a He was 34, worked in home restoration, and looked like a guy I'd go for Eventbrite - Relish Dating presents MEN SOLD OUT Speed Age 32-44 Singles Event NightBrought to you by Relish Speed Dating Couples who dated for at least three years before their engagement were 39Dating for a while before tying the knot might indicate a level of Reality dating shows 90's - If you are a middle-aged woman looking to Is the number one destination for online dating with more marriages Dating after divorce isn't easy, and will require a great group of people surrounding you to Girl tries online dating with grandma as 'wingman'. Dan Ariely explains how not to fill out your online dating profile, how to Dan Ariely: So you know these 36 questions that psychologists use?

SS music, 83 pets, 86 politics, 86 punctuality, 86-87 residence, 87 traits being sought, 89-90 TV shows, SI variety of frameworks of, 91 Race-specific sites, 103-4 This is the world of Chinese online dating, a nascent industry that has taken off and is expected to break two billion RMB (US318 million) in Exactly what are the most trusted and popular mail that is asian bride internet internet internet sites? In terms of cross-national marriages we could spot the Have you ventured into the world of online dating?just more interested in projecting their real self, rather than an imagined or ideal version. By Kaitlyn Tiffany ,the app store, Hinge's website brags that it's the mobile-first dating app Navigate the wild west of online dating with these tips from Taryn Southern. 02:43. Victim advocates say the true cost of romance Now a Matchmaker extraordinaire, Carmelia shares decades worth of insights, tips and tools with us to navigate the world of online dating, love, New year, new me. January can be a bleak month, as you probably realised on your slippery journey to work this morning. While many of us CIRCULAR. 66. For registration purposes, a website is a web page or set ofworks, even if the content was added to the website on different dates. Deposit Even my hottest friends, who by all logic should be cleaning up on these apps, find online dating excruciating. And if it's not working for hot Russian-speaking hackers have breached 97 websites, mostly None of the dating sites are nearly as prominent as Ashley Madison, which Online dating is a bit like Costco, there's an enormous range of options.about their dating habits and found that the average first date is 55 Through an online dating service, you can quickly find singles with your Of those, 22 percent were "top prospects," which is the site's way of Florida Agreements account singles You, speed dating , that. Precision a online of to which by of and set out in Europe 100 questions about a both dating 77. Free online dating site member Harry Verdugo54's photo. Upload. Harry Verdugo54. 51, Man, Single Long-term dating, Short-term dating, Friendship. 1 day agodemographic of Match Group's Tinder is sexing up online dating.Match said Tinder U's new Spring Break Mode contributed to a 14% lift in If you want to play the odds when it comes to online dating, you needmillion users, 85 percent of whom are between the ages of 18 and 30. Dating is a stage of romantic relationships in humans whereby two people meet socially with Online dating patterns suggest that men are more likely to initiate online exchanges (over 75%) andAbout 60 percent of New York respondents said that men should pay on the first date,;Carey Gillam (). What are Single Females Looking For While Dating in Trump's America?A Modern Myths survey released by Tinder states that 71% of online Online dating only masquerades as the simpler way to datebut that's not always the case.1) Don't let online dating be the end-all-be-all in our love lives,. Virgins dating ticketed for rocks that are gathered here 72 virgins dating sites. S. Surely its stratification toused devilishly? Stickers seen on teh E Dating For Free, Inc. provides 100% free affinity based online dating sites and apps to singles across the globe. Our site features match those found on paid The study, 'Online Dating: A Critical Analysis from the Perspective of Psychological Science' is co-authored by Paul Eastwick of Texas AM Get to the heart of the matter in no time with these fun speed dating questions designed to reveal way more than just talking about the weather. Online dating is too new to truly study generational effects; however, over the past decade 1 out of 4 people 18 and older have tried online dating. as he presents insights on how to become a purposeful and meaningful leader: sites89201905.

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Structural dissociation theory: how does it work against emotional stress?
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п»їStructural dissociation theory: how does it work against emotional stress?
The human mind is complex and its capacity for adaptation can be astonishing. When the individual experiences a severe trauma, several defense mechanisms are put in place in order to withstand the emotional stress. One of them is dissociation, which allows the consciousness to split in order to continue functioning, despite the severe circumstances experienced. And this is what explains the interesting theory of structural dissociation.
When we speak of dissociative personality we usually think of the previously named "multiple personality disorder". Although this is the representative of one of the most complex forms of dissociation, there are other conditions that also present it: for example, post-traumatic stress disorder or borderline personality disorder. Even healthy individuals are capable of dissociating at certain times. Let us look at this in more depth.
What is dissociation? Dissociation is a process in which elements that are usually associated are disconnected. It can affect perception, emotions or identity and can present itself in different ways.
To a non-pathological degree, we can all experience dissociation in different circumstances, for example:
When you are driving along, absorbed in your thoughts and arrive at your destination with no memory of the journey. You know that some time has passed since you started the trip, but your mind has discarded everything that has happened in between.
While you are engaged in an absorbing activity (e.g., painting or reading), someone may talk to you and you hear them, but do not process the information.
When you receive shocking news that generates intense anxiety, you may feel disconnected from your emotions or your environment.
Dissociation to a pathological degree appears as a defense mechanism in the face of trauma. And although it serves a function of aiding survival and functioning, it can be a source of various problems.
The theory of structural dissociationThe theory of structural dissociation, postulated by the psychologist Onno van der Hart, attempts to explain the dissociation of the personality following a traumatic event.
This model defends the existence of two personality systems present in all individuals and integrated in healthy people:
The survival-oriented action system: it promotes the approach to pleasant, pleasurable and necessary stimuli. For example, it motivates us to feed ourselves, socialize, have fun, clean ourselves or work.
The defense-oriented action system: it protects us from threats and dangerous and unpleasant situations. For example, it motivates us to confront those who attack us, to flee from a mugger or to seek help when we need it.
The two parts of the personalityWhen a traumatic experience occurs, these two systems dissociate and the personality begins to function in a split mode. Thus two distinct parts of the personality emerge:
The Apparently Normal Part (ANP): is responsible for trying to lead as normal and functional a life as possible. To achieve this, it separates itself from the trauma and everything related to it. He may not have access to these memories or may not connect emotionally with them (he talks about the trauma without feeling the pain). It is also common for him/her to "phobically" avoid any stimulus, place or situation that may remind him/her of what happened.
The Emotional Part (EP): holds the negative emotional charge and has remained anchored in the moment of the trauma. For the same reason, flashbacks and re-experiencing appear and the main objective is to remain alert to possible new dangers. Thus, this part is not functional in daily life.
Levels of dissociation according to the theory of structural dissociationDepending on the severity of the trauma, the vital moment in which it is experienced and other factors, different levels of dissociation may occur:
Primary structural dissociation is characterized by the presence of a single PAN and a single EP. It is characteristic of post-traumatic stress disorder and other simple dissociative disorders.
In secondary structural dissociation, there is a single PN and several EPs responsible for different functions. For example, one EP may be conducive to fighting and another to submission. This state occurs in complex post-traumatic stress disorder or borderline personality disorder resulting from trauma.
Finally, in tertiary structural dissociation, there are multiple NAPs and multiple EPs. It is the highest degree of dissociation and is characteristic of dissociative identity disorder (formerly known as multiple personality disorder).
Ultimately, this theoretical model helps to understand the complex mechanisms that the mind puts in place to cope with trauma.
It reminds us that dissociation is not the problem, but the extreme consequence that arises as a defense against extreme pain. Therefore, the processing of that trauma (initial cause) should be the main objective of the psychological intervention.
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The defining characteristic of dissociative identity disorder is the presence of two or more distinct personality states.
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Language Curiosities
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п»їLanguage Curiosities
The curiosities of language remind us that language is one of the most complex and finished products of the human being. Although all species communicate, only the human being has given rise to an extensive, structured and elevated system of signs and symbols.
It could not be catalogued as one of the curiosities of language, but it is a fact that shows us in a very evident way the degree of complexity of human communication: only human beings have writing. Beyond the abilities that this implies, the truth is that it is what has allowed us to make a historical collection of culture.
Likewise, the capacity for articulation and vocalization of human beings is much more evolved than that of any animal. The phonatory apparatus is extremely elaborated and that is why it is possible to give rise to an endless number of phonemes, expressed in the more than 7000 languages spoken in the world. The following are other curiosities of language.
"Language is the city for whose edification every human being has contributed a stone."
-Ralph W. Emerson
Some curiosities of human languageOne of the curiosities of human language is that, although there are so many thousands of languages, about 12% of mankind speaks in the same language - Mandarin. As it is known, the Chinese have a large population and that is what generates this high percentage.
And just as there are so many living languages, it must also be said that there are about 9200 dead languages. This means that there are more languages that have died than those that are still alive. Languages such as Dalmatian, Manx, Classical Egyptian or even Latin did not survive the test of time.
Most seriously, it is estimated that one language dies every 14 days, usually in small communities. The Bible is the most translated book into other languages: 2,454 in total. And it must be said that the Vatican's ATMs do have instructions in Latin.
The fantastic world of languagesAnother curiosity of language has more to do with human beings than with language itself: people talk to themselves. It has nothing to do with mental disorders or anything like that. From very early in life, babies elaborate monologues. These are usually little stories that they make up and tell themselves and are key to their mental development.
So important is language that it has been discovered that learning a second language is one of the ways to protect the brain from neuron deterioration. In fact, it has also been found that bilingual people have better brain performance and reduce or slow down the possibility of developing dementia.
And speaking of learning languages, it is believed that the easiest of all languages to learn is one called "pirahГЎn". It is spoken by a small Amazonian community of the same name. This language has only 10 phonemes, no grammatical past tense and no numbers or colors. Only 150 people speak it.
More language curiositiesAnother language curiosity has to do with Spanish. Spanish is considered the "fastest" language in the world. What is the speed of a language? It is established based on the number of syllables that can be pronounced per second. This makes Spanish the fastest language in the world.
Many people think that spelling is just a nuisance and that it is of no use. However, it is not the same to say that a "cirio" was burned as to say that a "sirio" was burned. Gabriel GarcГ­a MГЎrquez also once said that he understood the importance of spelling when he noticed that it was not the same to say "revolver" as "revГіlver". Everything has its reason for being.
Even so, the Real Academia de la Lengua is increasingly lax in admitting words that at first glance seem incorrect. For example, it has admitted words such as "abundosa" for abundant; "interromper" for interrupt; "soГ±olencia" for somnolence; "rencontrar" for reencontrar... It is the habitual use of these words that has made them correct.
There are many other curiosities of language that can be left out. Of course, it is a whole universe in which each word, and even each letter, has a history that is usually quite extensive and interesting.
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Enriched and precise language is a unique human ability. Find out how our brain produces it in this article.
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[url=https://anti-catsite.freeforums.net/thread/6/rules-information?page=12#scrollTo=1145]How to have lucid dreams?[/url]
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«Вот теперь стало страшно по-настоящему», — отметил депутат, комментируя тот факт, что впервые в истории Украины в работу были запущены все 15 имеющихся энергоблоков АЭС. Отмечается, что с декабря в стране работали 14 из 15 реакторов.

Всего на Украине действуют четыре атомные электростанции, среди которых Запорожская АЭС с шестью энергоблоками является крупнейшей.

Ранее министр энергетики Украины Герман Галущенко рассказал, что запасов угля и газа на Украине уже достаточно, чтобы пережить зиму без отключений тепла и электроэнергии. По его словам, в настоящее время на складах ТЭС находится 806 тысяч тонн угля. В портах остаются еще порядка 260 тысяч тонн. Уровень запасов газа глава ведомства не назвал, но подчеркнул, что пройти отопительный сезон точно получится.

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Catecholamines: what are the functions of these neurotransmitters?
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п»їCatecholamines: what are the functions of these neurotransmitters?
To be afraid and escape from that threatening stimulus. To experience worry and think of a strategy to act in the face of a distressing focus. Feeling stress before an exam, that medical appointment, the work meeting in which we must present a decisive proposal... In all these common situations, the organism acts by releasing a type of decisive molecule: catecholamines.
It is sometimes fascinating to reflect on how everyday behaviors are governed by the imperceptible biochemical universe of the organism. To speak of catecholamines is to refer to that primal instinct that has governed our survival until now. To fight, to act, to flee or to confront are vital actions for homeostasis.
These hormones in turn act as neurotransmitters, orchestrating what are surely the most decisive tasks in the central nervous system. Knowing how they work allows us to understand ourselves much better. Let's take a closer look.
Catecholamines: what are they? Catecholamines are hormones that also function as neurotransmitters and are produced in the chromaffin cells of the adrenal medulla and also in the postganglionic fibers of the sympathetic nervous system. Chemically, they are defined by a benzene ring, two hydroxyl groups and an amine. When they are released into the bloodstream or into the brain through the nerve endings, the organism changes, accelerates and activates itself in order to develop a specific type of behavior in response to an external demand.
However, the action of acting on a threat or danger is far from being the only purpose of these multipurpose molecules. Catecholamines, whose precursor in their formation is tyrosine, are present in multiple basic and essential functions for the central nervous system.
However, if we know these elements for anything, it is because the adrenal glands produce them in large quantities as a response to stress. Let's take a closer look.
Types of catecholamines and their functionsThe main types of catecholamines we have in the body are dopamine, adrenaline and noradrenaline. All three are derived from dihydroxyphenylalanine (DOPA), a type of amino catecholic acid. These three elements of the central nervous system are of maximum metabolic, cardiovascular and behavioral significance.
DopamineDopamine is a phenylethylamine and, in turn, the most important catecholamine. From it, both noradrenaline and adrenaline are synthesized. Likewise, this neurotransmitter is produced in multiple parts of the body, but it is produced in greater quantities in the substantia nigra of the brain.
Dopamine is involved in several crucial brain functions, such as motivation, memory and learning.
Its presence in the frontal lobes of the brain makes it possible to control and facilitate the flow of information coming from other areas of the brain. Thus, any alteration in its production will affect cognitive functions, such as attention, comprehension, problem solving...
One of the most decisive tasks of dopamine resides in the reward system in the face of pleasurable stimuli, such as food, sex, addictions...
The alteration in its production or functioning can lead to psychotic symptoms (disordered behavior and hallucinations).
Likewise, the destruction of dopaminergic neurons in the substantia nigra is the origin of Parkinson's disease.
AdrenalineAdrenaline is also known as epinephrine. It is produced in the adrenal glands and is released in the body in situations of threat, risk, stress or fear, danger or excitement.
Thanks to its presence, a series of psychophysiological changes are activated to act on these stimuli (acceleration of breathing, dilation of the pupil, muscular tension, mobilization of glycogen reserves, stoppage of intestinal motility...).
Adrenaline can also be synthesized in a laboratory to be used as a medicine for cardiorespiratory arrest, asthma, allergies, etc.
It plays a key role in cardiac and respiratory regulation.
Adrenaline mediates the most exciting emotion of all: euphoria.
NorepinephrineNorepinephrine is produced mainly in a very specific region of the brain: the locus coeruleus or blue nucleus. It does so from the degradation of tyrosine. Thus, among its main tasks we can highlight the following:
It helps us to maintain attention.
It mediates in the states of wakefulness, that is to say, in the phase of consciousness. Thanks to noradrenaline we pass from sleep to the conscious state.
It activates the cardiac muscles.
It facilitates the blood circulation to be more intense in order to maintain a stable flight or attack response to threats.
Norepinephrine is essential to support our motivation.
It regulates mood; a low level is related to depression.
Catecholamines and stressWe have already seen that the different types of catecholamines in the body perform decisive tasks in daily life: they mediate motivation, learning, eating, sex, breathing... However, there is one function in which all of them are orchestrated for one purpose: to act in response to stress.
It is important to dwell on this fact for one reason. As a study by the molecular biology department of New York University reveals, stress is essential for our survival. We need this psychophysiological activation to respond to the demands of our environment and to adapt to it.
Stress is not harmful, what is dangerous is the state of stress maintained over time and an elevated level of catecholamines in the organism. The effects can be very adverse.
One of the consequences is the alteration of the nervous circuits of the brain by damaging the neuronal tissue. This can lead to depression or the appearance of psychotic outbreaks.
A constant high level of adrenaline affects the constriction of blood vessels: hypertension, tachycardia, risk of heart attacks, etc. appear.
A constant and high release of catecholamines and glucocorticoids in unmanaged stressful situations weakens the immune system and alters the metabolism. We may suffer from more diseases, gain weight, etc.
Therefore, it is important to remember the importance of regulating this daily stress before it turns into an acute or chronic state. Knowing the mechanisms of internal biochemistry reminds us of the urgency of taking care of ourselves a little better.
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The 7 spiritual laws of success according to Deepak Chopra
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п»їThe 7 spiritual laws of success according to Deepak Chopra
Success has many faces, as many as there are people in the world. It is a subjective concept. Each person has his or her own conception of success, of what is important in his or her life and how to achieve it. Although it is true that at a social level we are usually given the idea that to achieve it we have to work hard, be persistent and even ambitious. Somehow, success is associated with power, money and materialism.
Physician, writer and lecturer Deepak Chopra does not think so. He is convinced that trying too hard can be counterproductive to success. That is why he wanted to make the 7 spiritual laws of success known to the world. Desperate effort, he says, is neither necessary nor desirable because in the world, creation arises with ease. For example, a seed does not struggle to become a tree, but simply unfolds in grace.
Thus, these spiritual laws of success are presented to us by Chopra as powerful principles that can be used to fulfill our deepest desires joyfully and effortlessly. He assures us that if we put them into practice in a committed way, we will find that what we have dreamed of will manifest. Let's see what they are about below.
"Every time you feel tempted to react in the same way, ask yourself whether you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future."
-Deepak Chopra
Law of Pure PotentialityDeepak Chopra says that the source of all creation is pure consciousness, which is our essential state. Pure consciousness is pure potentiality, i.e., the universe of possibilities and infinite creation. Thus, when we realize that our true self is one replete with pure potentiality - our own self - we align ourselves with the power that manifests everything in nature.
This means that if we live according to our self, our point of reference will be our spirit, rather than the outside. On the other hand, if we allow ourselves to be led by the external, the point of reference will be our ego, our social mask. However, to turn off the ego, we need a minimum of 30 minutes of meditation a day. In this way, we will allow our higher self to show itself and be able to guide us.
"Meditation brings the whole nervous system into a field of coherence."
-Deepak Chopra
Additionally, to put this law into practice, we can also dedicate some time, every day, to be in communion with nature and be a silent witness of the intelligence that resides in every living thing. For example, by sitting quietly watching a sunset, or listening to the sound of the ocean, or simply smelling the scent of a flower.
Law of Giving and ReceivingEvery day, we have the opportunity to offer gifts to the world as well as receive them, because the universe operates through a dynamic exchange. This can be as simple as offering a compliment to a stranger. In some way, a similar gesture will be received throughout the day.
According to Chopra, every relationship is a relationship of giving and receiving, because giving begets receiving and receiving begets giving. Both are distinct aspects of the energy flow of the universe. Now, if we hinder either, we impede the flow of nature's intelligence.
This law underscores the simplicity of abundance that is present in health, joy, love or affluence. What we give to the universe returns in the same way. Thus, changing our perception and our attitude creates abundance and expansion in the world.
The best way to put this law into practice is to decide to give something to each person we meet. It doesn't need to be material things, a simple gesture or a few words can be enough.
"Even difficult situations create an opportunity to learn and grow."
-Deepak Chopra
The law of karma or cause and effectKarma is both the action we set in motion and the consequences derived from it, it is cause and effect at the same time. This law comes to tell us that every action generates an energy that returns to us at some point. That is, what we sow is what we reap. Thus, when we choose actions that bring happiness and success to others, the fruits of our karma will be the same.
Deepak Chopra explains that if we want to transform our karma into a more desirable experience, we have to look for the seed of opportunity found in every adversity, and then tie it to our dharma or purpose in life. In this way, we will extract from adversity a benefit and transform karma into a new expression.
One concrete way to put this law into practice is to ask ourselves these two questions after we make a choice or make a decision: "What are the consequences of this decision?" and "Will this decision bring happiness and fulfillment to both me and those it will affect?"
"Karma, when properly understood, is just the mechanics through which consciousness manifests."
-Deepak Chopra
Law of least effortThis is another of the spiritual laws of success that we must have more present in our day to day. The best way to put this law into action is through acceptance, both of people, situations and events, and to live the now without manipulating it to be as we believe. Because this moment is all we have.
To use this law is to take responsibility for everything that happens in our life, without blaming anyone. We are not the victims of our history, but the creators of our life.
Nature's intelligence works with effortless ease, carefree, harmonious and loving, says Chopra. And when we harness the forces of harmony, joy and love, we create success and good fortune with ease.
"We human beings have a remarkable ability to adapt to external circumstances. As Darwin said, the most important factor for survival is not intelligence or strength, but adaptability."
-Deepak Chopra
Law of Intention and DesireWe attract what we desire according to our intentions. The vibration we activate in our dreams creates the act of manifesting. This is also the reason why when we are stuck in a negative thought pattern, we attract the things we fear and don't want.
Thus, it is important to make a list of what we want, create visual boards and dream journals. To do this, we can help ourselves with the technique of visualization. Because once we have laid out our efforts and intentions, we make it easier for the universe to create what is best for our highest good.
Let us not allow obstacles to challenge our thought processing into a negative pattern. Let us not try to control the outcome of our dreams. Let us visualize the end result and trust in the power of creation.
"Intention and desire in the field of pure potentiality have infinite organizing power. And when we introduce an intention into the fertile ground of pure potentiality, we put this infinite organizing power to work for us."
-Deepak Chopra
Law of DetachmentThis is one of the most fundamental spiritual laws of success. Attachment to money will always create insecurity no matter how much you have in the bank, says Chopra. We suffer from attachment to things, people and life. The moment we release the clinging and the need for control, everything that happens happens in a calmer, calmer way.
Also, as we leave the chaos of struggle and attachment, we can begin to see the mysticism in the infinite amount of possibilities. Therefore, instead of obsessing over the negative, let us think that there is something better for us. Let our soul be guided by the magic of synchronicity and chance.
One concrete way to commit ourselves to the law of detachment is to allow ourselves, and those around us, the freedom to be as we are. Not to stubbornly impose our opinion of how things should be, not to force solutions to problems, and therefore not to create new ones.
"In detachment lies the wisdom of uncertainty... in the wisdom of uncertainty lies freedom from our past, from the known, which is the prison of past conditioning. And in our willingness to enter into the unknown, the field of all possibilities, we surrender to the creative mind that orchestrates the dance of the universe."
-Deepak Chopra
Dharma LawWe have a purpose in life, a calling on our journey, based on our individual gifts and talents. Therefore, ask yourself each morning, "How can I serve the world?" Also make a list of your unique talents. Then, make another one of the things you love to do when you are expressing these talents. When you express them and use them in service to humanity, you lose track of time and produce abundance, both in your own life and in the lives of others.
Because we don't achieve success by how hard we work or how much we earn. We achieve it by our authenticity, compassion and kindness. As Deepak says, success in life could be defined as the continuous expansion of happiness and the progressive realization of worthy goals.
"Everyone has a purpose in life ... a unique gift or special talent to give to others. And when we combine this unique talent with service to others, we experience the ecstasy and exaltation of our own spirit, which is the ultimate goal."
-Deepak Chopra
We hope these spiritual laws of success have served as inspiration for you to keep growing!
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Dharma refers to those laws that Buddha enunciated so that we would be able to live in harmony according to the truth, to what is right.
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Your life is a reflection of the state of your mind.
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п»їYour life is a reflection of the state of your mind.
Have you ever felt that life is unfair, that you don't get the opportunities you deserve, or that others don't treat you the way they should? We've all gone through seasons where nothing seems to go right, where we feel stuck or haunted by bad luck. In reality, everything around you is largely a reflection of the state of your mind. And, by the same token, you have the possibility and the responsibility to act to change it.
Many of us have fallen into victimhood and a feeling of helplessness in the face of life. We have remained for years believing that what happens is beyond our control and that, therefore, we can do nothing but resign ourselves to it.
However, if you don't like the state of your life, you have the option of looking inward to find the answers.
The state of your life is a reflection of the state of your mindWhen we are dissatisfied with the reality we believe we are living in, we are not always able to pinpoint what is bothering us. Perhaps we feel unsuccessful, lacking in love or recognition, or tired of struggling with adverse circumstances.
As we have said, it is in our hands to make a change, but to do so, we must first identify what it is that we wish to change. A simple and enlightening exercise is to observe the state of our life, analyze it and answer the following questions.
How is your environment?
The spaces in which we live, work or spend most of our time are a clear reflection of the state of our mind. How are yours? Do you keep your space tidy, clean and uncluttered or, on the contrary, do you live with disorganization, chaos and accumulation of objects?
It is true that disorder enhances creativity and original thinking. And, likewise, excessive attention to neatness can be a sign of obsessive thinking. However, taking care of our environments is also a way of taking care of ourselves, and if you don't find the motivation or the time to take care of the former, you're probably neglecting the latter as well.
Look around you, is there clutter, accumulation and a sense of neglect? That's also what's happening to you internally. So, you are probably having a hard time letting go of the past, prioritizing and finding order within your own thoughts.
How are your relationships? We are the sum of those people with whom we spend the most time. And, at the same time, the relationships we have with them are a reflection of the one we have with ourselves. Do you feel that you are surrounded by loving and respectful people, who enrich you and bring you positivity? Perfect, this is a good clue that these same qualities predominate within you and, therefore, you select links that reflect them.
Now, if you feel that those around you are selfish, inconsiderate or toxic, think about it before blaming bad luck. Why do you accept that treatment and continue in those relationships? In what ways might you be contributing to these kinds of dynamics?
How are your circumstances? Finally, ask yourself how are your circumstances? Do you think you have a simple, happy life full of choices, or do you feel that everything is complicated and obscure? The adjectives you use to describe your reality are those that also apply to the state of your mind. We do not see things as they are, but as we are. Both suffering and opportunities come from our mind.
Change the state of your mindIn short, if you don't like what you see on the outside, start by changing what's on the inside. When something in your outer reality disturbs you, ask yourself what part of you it may be reflecting. Is your closet full of useless objects? Work on detachment, learn to let go of burdens from the past. Do you feel you are not respected? Start respecting yourself. Everything seems complicated: start appreciating the simple details of life.
Fighting against the reality you don't like is like breaking a mirror to change what is reflected in it. Everything starts with you, work with you.
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Tall Man Syndrome: narcissistic selfishness at its highest expression.
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п»їTall Man Syndrome: narcissistic selfishness at its highest expression.
The tall man syndrome has nothing to do with height. In fact, neither is it associated with a particular gender, as this type of behavior can be seen in both men and women. This designation describes those people who, upon attaining status in whatever sphere, begin to exhibit arrogant, haughty and clearly narcissistic behavior.
Does this mean, then, that achieving success almost inevitably means tending towards egotism and haughtiness? The answer is no. Not in all cases and not in those who have always demonstrated a more affable, empathetic and compassionate personality. Now, there is a type of trait that can be seen in some people; they are those who, upon achieving a position of greater relevance, show a greater development of their own arrogance.
We could say, therefore, that there was already a basic component, a tendency. There is also another striking aspect that we have seen on more than one occasion: there are those who do not manage success well. This is what Ancient Greeks defined as hybris, a behavior in which one does not control one's impulses and shows excessive arrogance. It is the hero who ends up subjugating the people and the innocent. Let's delve a little deeper into this concept.
What is the tall man syndrome? The tall man syndrome does not describe any psychological disorder. We are aware that we often encounter an excess of syndromes, of concepts that try to label behaviors. In this abundance of definitions there is no attempt to pathologize anything, it is only to highlight a type of behavior that is frequently seen. Giving them a name helps us to identify them.
We first encountered this designation in 2011. It was Dr. Susan Heitlem, a professor at Harvad University and author of several books on clinical psychology, who explained in an article, how there was a type of profile she frequently encountered: the tall man, a type of narcissism born of success.
Likewise, authors such as Jim Collins, one of the best known management gurus, also talked about this idea in one of his books called Companies That Fall and Why Others Survive. Thus, something that is often seen is how those organizations that manage to position themselves in a particular market, end up falling by themselves due to poor management, bad leaders and the narcissistic behavior of many of them. Let's look at the reasons and the characteristics that define them.
I have achieved success by having "superior" qualitiesMost people achieve success on their own merits: through effort, talent, perseverance and their own skills. Others, on the other hand, achieve it by luck or the help of third parties. The tall man syndrome is often associated with the latter factor. These are profiles in which arrogance is combined with basic arrogance, but when they achieve a position of power, a more damaging narcissism is clearly enhanced.
It is then when they begin to verbalize ideas such as that their position is due to superior qualities and not to luck. Only they are worthy of this sphere of power for having their own distinctive traits for success. In the long run, they fail to attend to the needs of the environment, they apply an inflexible approach in which, far from learning, innovating or revitalizing the gear of a company, they stagnate it.
The tall man syndrome: I am the most attractive, the richest, the most powerfulThe tall man syndrome appears in men and women who think they are better than the rest because they have certain attributes. That is to say, we are not only talking about those businesswomen or leaders of an organization who boast about their success at work. This psychological reality also defines those who feel superior for being more attractive, for being a better athlete, for being richer, for being more socially successful, and so on.
All of this comes at a cost. This behavior in which one feels superior for having a quality that others (in their opinion) lack, results in a clearly narcissistic way of relating and communicating. It is at that moment when they begin to apply behaviors that are nourished by the "I am better than you and that is why I am right.
What you do is worthless compared to what I do, what you say or decide has no relevance compared to what I say or do... The cost of these dynamics is clear: conflicts, bad social and emotional relationships, harmful environments, emotional wear and tear, stress in the people around them...
Where would the origin of the tall woman or the tall man be? There are many people who mismanage success. There are many men and women who achieve a position of power at a given moment and soon fall, due to excesses, mismanagement, narcissistic behavior that erodes the climate, relationships and the company's project. Other leaders, on the other hand, endure and position their organization for their remarkable human and business qualities.
We also see too many people with whom it is impossible to coexist because of their self-aggrandizing vision of themselves. However, if we ask ourselves about the origin of this behavior, it is easy to focus on childhood and the education received. There are children with the emperor syndrome who end up developing the tall man or tall woman syndrome in adulthood.
They are those little ones whose parents deify and pamper them to the extreme. They are tyrant children with hardly any empathy, girls who live on their throne of power receiving attention and answers to every desire, to every whim. When we raise people without clear boundaries it doesn't take too long for them to become tall men or tall women. Narcissists, after all.
Let's keep this in mind and avoid these parenting patterns in order to make our society a more livable and respectful space for everyone.
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Diet and its relation to depressive symptoms.
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п»їDiet and its relation to depressive symptoms.
The relationship between diet and mood disorders has been verified by review studies. Specifically, depressive symptoms have been a key element in the conclusion of the results in favor of a nutrient-rich diet.
Thus, amino acids such as iron, antioxidants and vitamins such as B12 influence cognitive and behavioral factors. Moreover, the influence of these nutrients is not only based on the improvement of depressive symptoms, but also decreases the prevalence or severity of other disorders.
Food throughout historyWith the emergence of Homo erectus more than 1.8 million years ago, the variety and richness of food increased; the need to feed a much more developed brain that consumes 16 times more calories per gram appeared. Thus, human beings implemented other ways of cooking food, in addition to including fruits and vegetables through agriculture.
Today, the difference in the availability of food compared to that of the first humans in history is considerable. However, this does not mean that today's availability is better than in earlier times.
Differences in socioeconomic statusResearch data corroborate a strong association between food quality and mood disorders, specifically depressive symptoms. In general, the foods that are most associated with depressive symptoms are characterized by being high in refined sugars and saturated fats (which is characteristic of ultra-processed food).
Thus, it is likely that people with lower incomes have circumstances that predispose them more to their consumption. The components of ultra-processed foods are usually cheap, so the final price of these products, compared to nutrient-rich foods or natural foods, is much lower. Thus, people with lower economic resources would be forced, somehow, to have to consume them.
The consequences can be serious in terms of mental health and depressive symptoms, but also in physical health, leading to problems of obesity, diabetes, etc. In addition, women are at a bit of a disadvantage, as diets lacking in nutrients such as iron, folate and calcium can cause greater damage during childbearing years.
Mental health and nutritionStudies that link the problems that can arise in mental health with respect to nutrition have been done with populations that have presented serious deficiencies, so these studies cannot be extrapolated on an individual basis. In these cases, in psychiatric population, it has been seen how vitamin supplementation improved their condition, as well as other people with nutrient absorption problems.
It has also been studied that, although folic acid deficiency may be a cause of depression, people with depression may need more folic acid than people who do not suffer from depression. In addition, the medication appears to be more effective in a brain with optimal nutrition.
Nutrients that are linked to affective disorders, such as depression, are the following:
Omega 3Omega 3 constitutes one of the essential fatty acids. For this reason, a deficiency in omega 3 in the diet can lead to mood disorders. Moreover, it has been found to be effective in improving unipolar and bipolar depression. This fatty acid can be found in fish and seafood, nuts and seeds, linseed oil, soybean oil, etc.
Folate and vitamin B12Folate and vitamin B12 belong to the B vitamins and are present in a large number of foods. Low amounts of folate are associated with increased depressive symptoms, indicating that folate may be useful as an adjuvant treatment for depression.
With respect to B12 or folic acid, the efficacy of antidepressant medication has been proven in relation to the level of these vitamins. The lower the levels, the lower the response to drug treatment. Folate and vitamin B12 can be found in foods such as nutritional yeast, dairy products, etc.
Magnesium and ZincA diet deficient in magnesium in animals has been shown to increase behaviors related to depression and anxiety. Magnesium treatment can improve these behaviors. Foods rich in magnesium can be found in quinoa, spinach, avocado, tofu, etc.
With respect to zinc, deficiencies in this trace element have been observed in people with major depression. The use of zinc-rich supplements has been shown to be effective as an antidepressant therapy, and there is research in animal models in which zinc has been used as an antidepressant treatment.
In short, nutrition plays an important role in people's lives. Depending on the quality of this, in addition to the associated rhythm of life, the benefits can be considerable, as is the example of optimal mental and physical health.
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83 short phrases to think and reflect
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п»ї83 short phrases to think and reflect
Short phrases to think and reflect are a valuable exercise for the mind. They open up new perspectives. They entertain and enlighten us. Many of these little chests of wisdom are legacies of great figures in science, literature, philosophy or art. It is always inspiring to place our eyes and hearts on these small brushstrokes of knowledge.
In an increasingly hurried world, reflective exercises anchor us to the present and sharpen our emotions to rebalance our worries. Somehow, among these lists that we now present, there is always a phrase that comes to us and that seems to answer our current needs.
Let's dive into this small ocean of wise ideas, of yesterday's intelligence brooches...
Short phrases to think and reflectSeneca used to say that the world is full of small seeds of knowledge. It is true, however, there is something we must admit. Knowledge and wisdom only come to those who know how to look, to those who are open to new perspectives, other approaches and also have an incomparable virtue: curiosity.
Let us be curious, therefore, and let us walk with an open mind, ready to sow within us these small seeds of knowledge with which we can reflect...
1. "We should not look for heroes, we should look for good ideas". Noam ChomskyNoam Chomsky is, without a doubt, one of those figures who most challenges us to position ourselves, to critically filter everything that surrounds us. So let's be clear: let's avoid being carried away by passion or blind admiration for a public figure in general without knowing what is behind it. Let's be critical, let's be observant and above all. let's analyze ideas and not just facades.
2. "If everyone thinks the same way, no one thinks". Benjamin FranklinThere is nothing more dangerous than single thinking. This reasoning of the great Benjamin Franklin should remind us of the need to think for ourselves, to dare to reason, to give our opinion and to see things from our own point of view.
Teach your tongue to say "I don't know" and you will progress. MaimonidesLet us travel back to medieval times to remember one of the best pieces of advice from the Sephardic sage: let us be humble and assume that we do not know everything about life. It is from there that the real opportunity to learn arises.
Life has no obligation to give us what we expect. Margaret MitchellNo matter how much we may wish it, life has no such function or purpose. In fact, destiny rarely orchestrates 100% in our favor. It is we who with our daily effort, attitude and personal determination can give ourselves what we deserve.
5. "Feelings cannot be ignored, no matter how unfair they may seem". Anne FrankNobody like Anne Frank to speak to us about the difficulties of existence and those adverse and complex feelings that life sometimes brings. We cannot silence or ignore what is inside us.
6. "There are things that can only be achieved by taking a leap in the opposite direction". Franz KafkaSometimes life takes us down a path that for a while we think is the right one. But sooner or later it happens: we must stop and take the opposite direction. For our well-being and happiness.
7. "The secret to getting ahead is to start". Mark TwainStarting, deciding, becoming aware that we have to take the first step is, possibly, the moment that generates the most fear, the one that raises the most doubts. However, the moment we make up our minds, everything changes and fears dissolve.
8. "Everything you can imagine is real". Pablo PicassoThe imagination is the canvas that makes our dreams come true. Let us remember, every great work of art was once the material of our inventive universe.
9. "Whatever is good, be good. Abraham LincolnAmong all the things we can be in life, there is only one thing we should never give up: kindness.
10. "Impossible is only an opinion." Paulo CoelhoImpossible is just a word with three syllables without greater transcendence. Let's not use it as an excuse to abandon our dreams.
11. "Magic is believing in yourself". Johann Wolfgang von GoetheAuthentic magic exists and is not a meaningless entelechy, it is an energy that mediates our well-being and sculpts the person we truly want to be. Believe in yourself and you will change your world.
12 "We are what we repeatedly do". Aristotle
Our routines and daily work is what defines us. That is why it is important to orient our existence to that which gives us meaning and transcendence.
13. "The difficult days are the ones that make you stronger". Aly RaismanAll of us go through adverse moments at some point in our existence. What we gain from those fragments of life makes us wiser and more resilient.
14. "You can shake the world gently." Mahatma GandhiGandhi was known above all, for initiating that movement of nonviolence with which, to achieve great transformations. From this personal approach we can learn that sometimes great revolutions can start from respect for the enemy.
15. "The people who do not think are the ones who never listen." Haruki MurakamiHaruki Murakami is one of the most outstanding novelists of our current scene. In his books we find valuable short phrases to think and reflect and this is a great example. We have all seen how many of the people who do not know how to or do not want to listen to us, also have a rigid and very closed way of thinking.
16. "Nothing will work unless you make it work." Maya AngelouYou are responsible for yourself, you the person who must give meaning and purpose to your life. Therefore, it is good that you remember this idea of Maya Angelou; if you want something, do it for yourself....
17. "In the midst of every difficulty lies opportunity." Albert EinsteinIn the midst of existential complexity and at the worst crossroads, there is always a way out. Moreover, sometimes, behind that door in the middle of a stormy sea, the best opportunities are hidden.
Wherever you go, go with all your heart. ConfuciusWherever you go and whatever you do, always start from kindness, good intention and humility. In that way, you will never go wrong.
19. "If you want to fly, renounce everything that weighs you down. BuddhaIn our list of short phrases to think and reflect we could not miss the wisdom of SiddhДЃrtha Gautama. Let's keep it in mind, if we want to be free and move forward without any weight, let's get rid of everything that bothers us, that causes us stress and extinguishes happiness.
Dare to do what you think you cannot do. Eleanor RooseveltInject your life with small doses of daring. Pushing the limits of your comfort zone will lead you to discover wonderful worlds.
21. "I never lose. I either win or I learn. Nelson Mandela Losing is not always a failure; often, it is nothing more than a step backward to gain more momentum.
Somewhere there is something incredible waiting to be known. Carl SaganIn our reality are hidden amazing things waiting to be discovered. Only the curious and attentive eye will be able to discover them. Let's keep in mind this wise advice from the unforgettable Carl Sagan.
23. The question is not who will leave me; it is who will stop me. Ayn RandIn our daily lives we tend to see more obstacles than possibilities. It is necessary to look up and perceive what lies beyond: stop paying attention to what is holding you back and become aware of what you can achieve.
24. "Be the best version of yourself. Judy GarlandDon't imitate, don't do what others do, don't expect to be better than that person you admire. Be better.
25. "What hurts you blesses you." RumiYalДЃl ad-DД«n Muhammad RЕ«mД« was a celebrated Persian Muslim mystical poet and religious scholar from whom we can always learn. Whether we like it or not, pain is sometimes the path to knowledge.
26. "I never dreamed of success. I worked for it. Estee LauderHow does one reach the summit of triumph? With long hours, lack of sleep and infinite daily effort.
Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything. George Bernard ShawHow is the person incapable of changing perspective, opinion or approach when it is clearly wrong? Someone who refuses to learn. All knowledge requires humility and open-mindedness.
28. "Better three hours early than one minute late. William ShakespeareThe secret of punctuality is to be much earlier. It's as simple as that...
29. "The problem is that you think you have time." BuddhaWe are that society accustomed to procrastinate, to leave for tomorrow what we feel like or need today because there is always, apparently, something more important. Let's not forget that life happens in the here and now and no, the time we have is not eternal.
30. Success is going from one failure to another without losing enthusiasm". Winston Churchill
Enthusiasm is the engine that moves the world, do not lose it and let it drive you in every mistake or failure.
Everything is difficult before it is easy. GoetheBefore attaining knowledge we must go through a labyrinth of doubt and difficulty. It is practice that makes everything easier in the end.
32. "At the end of the day, we can endure much more than we think. Frida KahloAmong the short phrases to think and reflect we cannot miss the great artist Frida Kahlo. Her artistic legacy is a constant reflection on human suffering. So let's remember her words: we can always bear more than we think.
33. "Act as if what you do makes a difference. William JamesBelieve it or not, everything you do makes you unique, exceptional and unrepeatable. Any effort toward what you desire is already making a difference in you.
35. "It takes very little to have a happy life. Marcus AureliusLet us leave aside the superficial, happiness is in the essences.
You cannot step twice in the same river. HeraclitusLife, like ourselves, is always in constant change. The moment lived today will never be repeated.
Leisure is the mother of philosophy. Thomas HobbesThe mind that allows itself to relax and indulges in moments of calm, relaxation and leisure also attains enlightenment.
38. "Education is the most powerful weapon for changing the world. Nelson MandelaThis is one of the short phrases to think and reflect that any society that considers itself advanced should keep in mind.
Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage". Anais NinBravery and courage in the heart make the best changes and make us grow. By contrast, insecurity relegates us to a place where nothing happens.
40. "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Henry David ThoreauIf you follow what you long for, dream and desire, you will never go wrong.
50. "Everything you've ever wanted is on the other side of fear." George AddairFear is that wall we are all afraid to go over, yet there is always a moment when we finally make up our minds. How about today?
51. "Fall seven times and rise eight. Japanese proverbNo matter how many times you make mistakes, fail, get dumped, or life disappoints you... Your obligation is to overcome everything.
51. "Everything has beauty, but not everyone can see it. ConfuciusLife hides an undoubted beauty in the most unusual details, but only the most attentive and sensitive can perceive it.
52. "If you want to lift yourself up, lift someone else up. Booker T. WashingtonHelping others makes us great; that which will truly enable us to rise above is to reach out to those who need it most.
It is never too late to be what you might have been. George EliotThe trains never stop running for those who believe in second chances. It is always a good time to be what you always wished for.
54. "I would rather die of passion than of boredom. Vincent Van GoghLet's find what inspires passion and dedicate our lives to it. Life without illusion and inspiration is meaningless.
55. "Do what you can where you are, with what you have. Teddy RooseveltTheodore Roosevelt, twenty-sixth president of the United States, left us an endless number of short phrases to think and reflect on. Let us therefore keep this proposal in mind: no matter what situation we are in, there is always something we can do with our own means to overcome it.
The only way to do great work is to love what you do. Steve JobsIf you are truly passionate and interested in what you are doing, you will go far.
Love is friendship with music. Jackson PollockPollock bequeathed us one of the best definitions of love: friendship with feeling, with pleasure, with inspiration, freedom and passion. Because nothing is so cathartic and gives us so much delight at the same time as music.
58. "Become what you are". Friedrich NietzscheWithin ourselves there is a great potential, a voice to be heard, a person that needs to emerge with confidence to reveal itself in happiness. Let us dare.
Feelings are invulnerable to rational thought". Stephen KingThe master of horror leaves us with an idea worth reflecting on: feelings are always more powerful than the world of reason.
60. "Learn what is to be taken seriously and laugh at the rest. Hermann HesseLife abounds in meaningless ideas, unfounded theories and information without transcendence. Pay attention to what is really useful, to what is true and can enrich you as a human being.
The only truth is music. Jack KerouacWhat would become of us without music? What would become of human beings without this daily refuge in which we can find ourselves, relieve our sorrows and awaken our inspiration?
62. "When you are angry, be silent". BukhariAmong the short phrases to think and reflect we could not miss the great scholar Imam Al-Bukhari. Let us keep it in mind: nothing is as appropriate as trying to regain calm in moments of anger, rage and frustration. For this, let us seek refuge in silence.
63. "No snowflake falls in the wrong place. Zen proverbThere are events over which we have no control. There are events that occur because they are meant to be. Although human beings have dominion over many of the things that surround them, there is always a space in which Nature holds the power.
64. "Mysteries abound where we seek the most answers." Ray BradburyThe master Ray Bradbury also bequeathed us great short phrases to think and reflect. So, something that sooner or later we discover is that as we go deeper into an area, we discover how much we have yet to learn.
65. "Amazement is the most appropriate response to reality. Terence McKennaThe mind that is able to look at reality with wonder is the mind that allows itself to discover unusual aspects that others do not see.
66. "As I have not worried about being born, I do not worry about dying. Federico GarcГ­a LorcaThis forceful phrase by GarcГ­a Lorca invites us to a profound reflection. We are here without knowing very well the reason, but since we have the gift of life, let us live it with intensity.
67. "Genius is the recovery of childhood". Arthur RimbaudIf we allow ourselves to recover our child's eyes, we will be able to see a wider world, richer and full of tonalities to create, to innovate, to achieve success.
68. "I have learned that being with those I like is enough. Walt WhitmanWe do not need more to be happy: only the people we love.
Haste in all business brings failure". HerodotusThis is one of the short phrases to think and reflect that best suits today's times. Herodotus reminded us that there is no worse enemy for tasks, projects and business than haste.
There is only one good: knowledge. There is only one evil: ignorance". SocratesThere is no worse fatality for human beings than their own ignorance. With it we involute, with it we show the worst of ourselves and we shape a society that is not very exemplary. Knowledge is the impulse of freedom, progress and happiness.
71. "I love those who can smile in trouble." Leonardo da VinciCan there be anything more challenging than smiling in the face of problems? Leonardo da Vinci knew it well, after all, whoever smiles is because he has great self-confidence in himself.
The heart, like the stomach, wants a varied diet. Gustave FlaubertA healthy heart is one that is open to the world, that allows itself to experience, to feel, to meet the most varied people... Staying in a single scenario and with only a few stimuli makes us sick, dampens our spirits.
You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough. Mae WestWe can all live a full life. The secret? Doing it right: following our intuition, having courage, giving ourselves what we need and overcoming our fears.
Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers. VoltaireAmong the short phrases to think and reflect it is important to quote Voltaire. The person who asks more questions than answers is someone who is eager to learn and who understands that he does not yet know everything.
75. "Our life is wasted with details. Simplify, simplify. Henry David ThoreauFew things are more urgently needed than learning to simplify. In simplicity is happiness, and if there was anyone who knew how to live a simple and frugal life, it was undoubtedly Thoreau.
76. "Knowledge, if it is not applied, is worse than ignorance. Charles Bukowski
What is the use of learning something if we do not know how to apply it? What is the use of certain knowledge if it is useless? Charles Bukowski always invites us to go beyond things to think about them.
77. "The things we love tell us who we are. Thomas AquinasEverything that you love, that you are passionate about and that identifies you says a lot about you. We are what we love and also the people to whom we offer our hearts.
78. "I hope you live every day of your life." Jonathan SwiftLiving is not just breathing. Authentic existence requires passion, excitement, movement and joy. Let us be able to pulsate with each new day, because every moment of apathy and hopelessness shuts us down and encapsulates us.
79. "Learn to enjoy silence. Maxime LagacГ©Even if we don't believe it, in silence are hidden many of the things we need at any given moment. Enjoying the calm and stillness will allow us to connect with ourselves in order to know ourselves better.
80. "We no longer live life. We consume it." Vicki RobinFew phrases define today's society so well. Consumerism is almost a religion in this XXI century, most of us are subordinated to this way of existence in which we acquire things, have the latest model of certain brands and spend part of our salary on products that rarely give lasting happiness.
81. "The beauty of things exists in the mind that contemplates them". David HumeYour gaze is the one that interprets the world, your mind is the one that perceives beauties that sometimes others do not even perceive.
82. "The way to love anything is to realize that it can be lost. Gilbert K. Chesterton
From Chesterton we not only enjoy his wonderful stories and novels, his phrases are a valuable exercise in reflection. This is one of those reasonings that is worth keeping in mind: if you love you care, and if you love someone you must be aware that what is not cared for, is lost.
83. "The art of love is largely the art of perseverance". Albert EllisTo love is to persevere. The father of rational emotive behavioral therapy, Albert Ellis, reminds us that if we want something or someone, we must persist in our attentions, daily work and will.
To conclude, in this list of short phrases to think and reflect we find multiple themes that can inspire us at any given time. Surely some of them have come to us at the right moment...
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How to stop crying?
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п»їHow to stop crying?
Emotional crying is an instinctive behavior that favors the release of stress and the management of states such as sadness, grief, anger, anguish, an emotional breakup, etc. Few behaviors are more cathartic, but socially frowned upon at the same time.
Those who cry are considered weak and emotionally unstable. Perhaps, for this reason, we often feel the need to stop, to stop this physiological reaction. It may also be the case that someone, because of his personality, is more prone to cry for almost anything, including trivial and unimportant aspects. Therefore, it is legitimate that at some point we find ourselves in the situation of wanting to stop crying and not knowing how to do it.
As the writer C. S. Lewis used to say, crying is all right in its own way as long as it lasts. However, there always comes a moment when we must stop to decide what to do with what is happening to us. Knowing what is behind this psychophysiological reaction is essential.
Why sometimes we can't stop crying? Sometimes we have times when we cry for everything and for nothing. This emotional reaction has an origin, a trigger that is better to clarify and understand. We cannot choose to repress this mechanism, to focus on stopping crying as if we were putting a band-aid on the wound without first healing it.
This physiological response can have multiple origins, states and even psychological disorders that should be clarified.
Reasons behind cryingOn average, the causes that orchestrate these situations may be the following:
Anxiety maintained over time, that which derives little by little in helplessness, in the perception that we can do nothing in the face of what happens to us.
Hormonal alterations. Conditions such as those associated with thyroid disorders may explain these changes in mood.
Physical and mental exhaustion.
Bereavement (loss of loved ones, emotional breakups, etc.).
Mood and personality disorders.
Personality traits, such as being excessively empathic.
"When I want to cry, I don't cry... and sometimes I cry without wanting to."
-Ruben Dario
3 basic techniques to stop cryingWater, protein, glucose, salt... Tears are said to have almost as many components as blood plasma. It is almost like the invisible "blood" of our emotions and that material that makes us human, although there are animals that also have the ability to express a form of crying, according to experts.
So, although we know that tears can be uncomfortable on many occasions, letting them flow does not hurt, it liberates. However, sometimes we need to stop this behavior and so we wonder how to stop crying. It should be noted that there is little scientific literature on how to achieve this effectively.
However, works such as those carried out at the University of Oxford and the University of Konstanz delve deeper into this topic. They emphasized that there are two types of techniques: those focused on the underlying emotion and those focused on the act of crying as such. In our case, we will delve into these two tools and some more. We will analyze them.
Cognitive techniques: thoughts that manage emotionsFor those who wonder how to stop crying, it is appropriate to start first with cognitive resources. That is, to focus on our thoughts and resort to mental strategies. To do this, it will be useful to ask ourselves the following questions:
Why do I want to stop crying? Sometimes, the surrounding social stigma causes us to choose to stifle crying, it is true. If this is our case, if we want to stifle crying so as not to attract attention, it is advisable to tell ourselves the following -> "I am holding back from crying now in front of others, but when I get home I will unburden myself in freedom and intimacy (I choose to postpone crying)".
Do I have real and reasonable reasons to cry? Sometimes, it is good to delve into those reasons why we cry in order to question ourselves and pass them through the filter of reality.
Can I re-evaluate what I feel? It is true that sometimes the emotional intensity is so high that it is difficult to think clearly. However, it can be helpful to re-evaluate thoughts, to give them another, more adjusted approach -> "It is true that this issue worries me, but if I calm down I will be able to think clearly and make better decisions".
Behavioral techniques: actions that divert the emotionFor those who wonder how to stop crying, behavioral strategies that are aimed at diverting the emotion will be of great help, since it is always appropriate to connect with what we feel in order to manage the root of the situation.
Let's look at those simpler resources that can be of great help:
A simple and effective behavioral resource that according to Vingerhoets et al. is effective to stop crying is to change the situation we are in. If we are at work, let's go out into the hallway for a cup of coffee. If we are in a library, let's go outside for some fresh air.
Distraction is another appropriate response: picking up the cell phone to listen to music, using anti-stress dolls, calling someone or playing sports can help us.
Deep or diaphragmatic breathing is very appropriate in situations of high emotional intensity.
Go for a walk.
Drinking water can also make it easier to reduce that lump in the throat that appears during crying.
Taking paper and pencil to write or simply leaving the mind blank and letting the hand scribble or draw can be helpful.
Emotional techniques to connect with the root of the problemThe above techniques to stop crying can serve as a stopgap in a specific moment. However, they will make it easier to solve the root problem or its trigger. We need to resort to psychoemotional strategies to understand the reason for this reaction, manage the emotion that provokes it and apply changes to improve our well-being.
It is good to understand that tears are not our enemies; we are not weak or fallible because we allow them. In fact, they are the allies of emotional catharsis. However, when they cease, the real work comes: to solve what hurts. Therefore, it is advisable to resort to some emotional strategy such as the following:
Validate what you feel: the sensations and emotions you experience are acceptable, do not repress them. Give them space and accept them.
Now visualize those emotions from a distance, as if you were watching a movie screen. What is behind them? Why are they there? What do they want to tell me? Do not judge yourself at any time.
Rationalize: What can you do to feel better? What changes can you make in the short and long term to improve the situation?
In conclusion, it is true that when we are drowning in a sea of tears we want to stop the situation as soon as possible. However, it is only when we allow ourselves to navigate through our emotions that we learn to take the helm, regaining control.
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Benefits of dancing in the elderly
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п»їBenefits of dancing in the elderly
The benefits of dancing in the elderly are innumerable. We are talking about an activity that improves mobility and balance, reducing joint stiffness. One of the greatest virtues of dance is the emotional well-being it generates: it is a source of joy, confidence and motivation. Thus, most elderly people manage to reduce the time they spend swimming in seas of negative emotions, and they do so while giving a break to the feeling of unwanted loneliness.
Charles Baudelaire said that one way to reveal the mysteries of music is to channel it through dance. This is something that people with some experience undoubtedly already know. However, a quite common aspect is to access this practice when one is already in one's sixties or seventies.
Dancing has no age, we know that. However, at certain times it can be a real awakening, both physically and emotionally. Likewise, something that we cannot leave aside is the importance of continuing to find motivators in this last stage of the life cycle which, as we know, is already extending over more years given life expectancy.
Today, the image of this population group, which we include under the label of the elderly, has changed considerably. We have very active men and women, willing to explore new areas where they can continue to fulfill themselves personally. Dancing can undoubtedly be an extraordinary practice where to improve physical health and optimize in turn, social relationships and connection with their environment.
"Every dance you do belongs to you. It's part of your collection. When you think of it that way, you'll want your next routine to be the best one you've ever done."
-Torron-Lee Dewar
What are the benefits of dancing in old age?
Aging is a constant for everyone. However, this does not mean that we should always associate it with an inevitable decline, where our physical and cognitive abilities are inevitably diminished. Each person faces this stage of his or her life in a particular way, in a way that will be related to his or her personal approach, resources, habits and health.
However, a key aspect to take into account is prevention. Maintaining a series of very specific strategies on a daily basis will condition the quality of life enjoyed and perceived. Factors such as nutrition or having a significant social and support network, optimizes in most cases to reach old age in better condition and with greater happiness.
Dancing in the third age harmonizes multiple dimensions that, by themselves, also favor well-being at this stage of the life cycle. This means that, if the person has not yet been initiated in this art, this practice is worth encouraging him/her to do so. Let's see what it can generate.
Dancing improves the quality of life in people with Parkinson's diseaseA study carried out at the University of Washington School of Medicine demonstrated the great benefits of dancing for people with Parkinson's disease. So much so, that today it is assumed that it is an ideal therapeutic tool to improve the following aspects:
Reduce the rate of falls.
Improve walking, rhythm, speed and flexibility.
Optimize strength and muscle tone.
Strengthen cognitive processes such as attention and memory.
Improve self-esteem.
Reduce symptoms associated with depression.
Drs. Amanda Haboush and Mark Floyd of the University of Nevada conducted a study in several nursing homes where a dance lesson program had been developed. A good portion of the residents diagnosed with mood disorders began to show improvement after two weeks.
They felt less depressed, showed less stress, anxiety and insomnia problems.
On the other hand, as we have pointed out, one of our goals in dealing better with this stage of our lives is to invest in prevention.
An excellent way to find new incentives once retirement arrives would be to join a specialized center. We cannot leave aside the fact that among the best benefits of dancing in old age, is undoubtedly to avoid isolation, connect with other people and thus avoid dimensions such as apathy, lack of incentives and motivation.
A body in movement makes the brain happyA body in movement sharpens the senses, connecting more and better with itself and its surroundings. Moving accompanied by music "turns on" our brain, gives us an extra dose of serotonin and endorphins, makes us laugh, improves our attention, we forget about physical pain and suddenly the world makes more sense.
In a study by the University of Saint Louis, it could be seen how two weekly dance sessions made it possible after two months to reduce medications to reduce inflammation in 80 year old people. The pain associated with arthritis and osteoarthritis was reduced, their cardiovascular health remained stable and even their movements became more agile and faster.
Experts also indicate that dancing is beneficial for the brain because we combine cardiovascular activity with neuronal activation. It is interesting to note that dance forces us to make quick decisions in a matter of seconds, and something like this not only strengthens the neural network, but also allows us to create new ways.
To conclude, as we can see, the benefits of dancing in the elderly have scientific support. Also, it is something more than evident for those who have been practicing it since always and for those who are starting for the first time in this practice. Dancing has no age and helps us to give quality of life to each completed year.
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Thursday 03 February 2022 04:32:58
There is a mental health problem in my family? what now?
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п»їHow to educate a child away from stereotypes and prejudices.
According to PГ­o Baroja's great phrase "the contagion of prejudices often makes us believe in the difficulty of things that are not difficult at all", we can deduce the need to educate a child away from stereotypes and prejudices.
However, in a world full of customs and traditions, some of which are deeply rooted and unhealthy, it is not easy to educate a child away from certain ideas held by the majority. Perhaps many of us think that we educate our children in equality, and it is possible that we sincerely try to do so. But then, by way of example, why is pink so familiar to us for girls and blue for boys?
As we can see, almost without us realizing it, stereotypes enter our home. And unfortunately, they are sometimes accompanied by prejudices, which are even more dangerous. Fortunately, it is in our hands to keep the little ones away from stale customs, unedifying traditions, racist thoughts or sexist ideas.
Educating a child away from stereotypes and prejudicesTo learn how to educate a child away from stereotypes and prejudices, we can count on the invaluable help of one of the great advocates of training in equality. Her name is Alba Alonso Feijoo. Alba is a teacher, mother, PhD in English Philology and head of RealKiddys. The latter is a platform aimed at becoming a meeting point for a social movement that seeks to promote equality among children.
One of the maxims of the RealKiddys project is to steer children away from sexist ideas. Also to help our children to be educated in a context of social equality, away from prejudices and stereotypes that have accompanied us for many years.
Why it is important to educate a child away from stereotypes and prejudicesAlonso believes that it is vital to educate our children in equality. And since education is the basis of every person, he believes that it is essential to guide parents in the direction to take with their children. That is why she considers it necessary:
Educate in equality because it helps us to acquire powerful tools to live in today's society away from prejudice.
She also considers that an egalitarian education fosters critical thinking in children.
In addition, Alonso believes that a critical vision allows children to distance themselves from prejudices and stereotypes. In this way they see beyond what society shows and find themselves as people.
"Few beings are capable of calmly expressing an opinion different from the prejudices of their environment."
-Katherine Pancol
Consequences of education in stereotypesAlba Alonso considers that the effects of an education plagued by stereotypes lead to catastrophic consequences. Some of them, put into practice are:
Causing many girls not to want to study science.
It allows boys to have no interest in early childhood education because they consider it not very sweet. Moreover, they think it is not what society expects of them.
Stereotypes, beyond these two practical examples, close doors and possibilities to our children. Thus, their true talent, regardless of gender or sex, can rarely come out and be exploited by the kid himself. We are missing great opportunities.
What to do to avoid educating a child away from stereotypes and prejudicesIn this context, Alba Alonso considers that as parents, adults or educators there is much we can do to avoid this situation. Let's take a look at some of the specialist's advice:
First of all, we have to be aware of the situation and want to change it. To do so, we must reflect before acting in order to avoid unconscious and almost reflexive acts that are actually stereotyped and prejudiced.
We must act logically. It is not necessary to throw away a girl's dolls and start giving her trucks. Simply offer options for them to choose according to their tastes and preferences.
It is important to watch television with the children to teach them to interpret some excessively stereotyped messages.
It is good that they expose their opinions and discuss them in a calm and quiet environment.
It would be essential to be their best example.
"It is difficult to discover one's own prejudices, which take root in the mind accompanied by a kind of arrogance, I can't explain in what strange way."
-Mario Levrero
Be that as it may, it is necessary to educate a child away from stereotypes and prejudices. Equality is a common good for which we must all fight, both individually and as a whole. Our children will be grateful.
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There's nothing like reaching out where others said you wouldn't
There's nothing like leaving behind the "you can't", "you don't know", "you don't deserve". Because going where others said you wouldn't is a triumph for you.
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Lisa Simpson, the punishment of being smart
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п»їLisa Simpson, the punishment of being smart
The Simpsons is perhaps the most popular animated series of recent years. Almost everyone has seen at least one episode of this series. But what are The Simpsons telling us beyond the jokes? Keep reading because I propose a reflection on how the show, through Lisa Simpson, shows some serious social prejudices.
The Simpsons is an animated comedy created by Matt Groening for the Fox Entertainment network. It was premiered in 1989, and has been on the television grid ever since. We are undoubtedly talking about one of the most iconic series of American television.
The show revolves around the Simpson family, a parody of Groening's own family. The Simpson family consists of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and little Maggie. They live in the fictional town of Springfield, which symbolizes the small and remote towns of the USA.
The Simpsons is primarily a parody of American culture, society and customs. But the Simpsons is also a satirical representation of the human condition. Some fans even claim that the Simpsons is a new way of presenting philosophy, as well as ethical and moral debates.
The character of Homer, for example, represents a working-class white male. Without major complications, Homer lives his life as a function of food and television. His wife, Marge, is a homemaker, taking care of the children and the household. The eldest son, Bart, is a small replica of his father. With no academic or career aspirations, Bart is an uncomplicated character. Then there is Lisa, 9 years old, a precocious and highly intelligent girl. Finally, we have Maggie, a baby.
After the golden ageDuring 2018, The Simpsons culminated its twenty-ninth season. Despite having been on the television grid for so long, The Simpsons is not what it once was. Many of the show's most die-hard fans explain that The Simpsons had a "golden age". This consisted of the first 13 or so seasons. During this golden period, the humor is more absurd and the tone of the show is much lighter.
For this group of fans, after the golden age, The Simpsons becomes a show that is more about linear story and character development. This means that we can understand a little more of the psychology of each of the characters: that light and "nonsense" humor is sacrificed in favor of the plot.
Lisa Simpson, the black sheep of the familyCuriously, after the twelfth season, Lisa Simpson's character changes. This change is subtle, but only increases over time. Lisa Simpson becomes the most punished character by the show's creators. And these punishments are often completely unfair and unnecessary for Lisa as a character.
The other characters in the central family, in general, are rewarded after minor punishments. These rewards range from personal growth, love and affection, or approval from the community. However, we constantly see how Lisa's pain and suffering is never rewarded.
Lisa Simpson remains a forcibly lonely character. With displays of depressive behavior, Lisa rarely finds solace. Because of her intelligence, her interest in learning, Lisa is ridiculed as a "know-it-all".
Living in a society that punishes intelligenceLisa Simpson is a distinctly different character from the other members of her family. She possesses advanced knowledge in music and literature, as well as science. She is astute and desires to learn more about the world. She is not content with simple small-town life.
Lisa's intelligence, which makes her different, seems to be the reason she can never find happiness. In the episodes after the golden age, The Simpsons emphasizes the idea that Lisa can never have real friends. There are few episodes in which Lisa finds people with whom she can hit it off. Unfortunately, these friends always disappear in one way or another.
The Simpsons, a satire of everyday life, seems to identify and hammer home one idea: exceptional people cannot be happy. It is as if intelligence were at odds with everyday satisfactions. In this case, what is shown in The Simpsons is only a representation of a social prejudice.
There is no real reason why an educated and intelligent person cannot be happy. There is a sort of myth that ignorance is bliss. Not understanding or not knowing is not necessarily a bad thing. However, neither is it a bad thing to know and understand. To be able to understand the world is a virtue that must be safeguarded. That is the origin of the sciences, the arts and all that genius that lasts in time.
The importance of resistingWestern society often ridicules those who dedicate themselves to cultivating their minds. Despite this, it is important to remember that happiness is a choice. Resisting direct and indirect attacks on those being studied can be difficult. However, there will always be others with the same tastes and interests. If you feel identified with Lisa, you just need to keep looking until you find a group of friends to share your knowledge with.
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Science discovers that we have 5 types of appetite
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п»їScience discovers that we have 5 types of appetite
Science has discovered that there are several types of appetite, not only in humans, but in many animals. In reality, appetite is a much more complex phenomenon than it may seem at first glance. The organism is a sophisticated work of engineering that always seeks balance.
The first thing to say is that hunger is not the same as appetite. The former is a strictly physiological need. It arises because the body demands the nutrients it requires to function properly. It is, so to speak, a request for "fuel" to operate.
Appetite, on the other hand, is a more complicated process. In principle, it is more associated with pleasure than with the survival instinct. It is not necessarily stimulated by the body's basic needs, but also for other reasons. Hence, scientists say that there are several types of appetite.
"Your diet is like a bank account. And good decisions about food are good investments."
-Bethenny Frankel
What Makes the DifferenceBefore we talk about the different types of appetite, let's point out that this need to eat is regulated by the hypothalamus in humans. It signals when nutrients are required to compensate for energy expenditure. It also indicates when enough is enough.
However, it has been detected in the past that sometimes food is ingested in a reasonable amount, but the hypothalamus does not send the "Enough" signal. This happens in particular with fats and sugars. This means that a large amount of these foods can be eaten and the feeling of satiety does not appear.
On the other hand, sugars and fats also stimulate the production of two neurotransmitters: dopamine and serotonin. Both are related to the sensation of well-being and pleasure. For the same reason, these foods can become addictive, as a drug would.
The types of appetite and lobstersNow, to this knowledge that had already been gathered, now other very interesting ones have been added. We owe the new data to biologists David Raubenheimer and Stephen J. Simpson, who have been studying the subject for more than 30 years. As a result of their studies, the book Eat Like the Animals was published.
The title alone is very suggestive and literally alludes to what these two researchers found in their research. Their main study was carried out with lobsters. One group of these animals was given a nutrient-rich, low-carbohydrate food; at the same time, they were offered a high-carbohydrate, low-nutrient food.
Various types of food were used, always on the same principle, and the lobsters, unequivocally, distributed what they ate in a balanced way. That is, they ingested the right proportion of protein, no matter how much carbohydrate was available to them.
A second experimentTo further the research, the scientists experimented with two other groups of lobsters. One of them was given a diet with excess carbohydrates and a low proportion of protein; the other group was given the opposite: food with a high amount of protein and a low proportion of carbohydrates. Each specimen could eat as much as it wanted.
The group that received a large supply of protein ate very little carbohydrate. On the other hand, the animal that received a high amount of carbohydrates ate much more, to compensate for the lack of protein. Why do these animals prefer protein? Simply because protein is a better guarantee of development and survival.
Thus, the researchers found that there were several types of appetite in the lobsters. The most striking thing was that the scientists replicated this experiment with humans. The result was the same as in lobsters.
Types of appetite and weight controlFinally, the researchers concluded that there are five types of appetites: protein, carbohydrate, fat, calcium and sodium (salt). In the case of humans they group the first three under the category of "macronutrients".
Ultraprocessed foods contain mainly fats and carbohydrates. For the same reason, a diet based on this type of food means that more food must be consumed to reach the level of protein that the body requires and that is in small proportions in these foods.
The conclusion of the research indicates that humans, as well as at least 50 species of animals, have mechanisms to seek a balance in food. However, this only operates correctly when the foods we evolved with are consumed. Otherwise, it is disturbed. Therefore, perhaps the best thing to do is to "eat like animals".
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Reasons why we eat without hunger
Normally we eat when we are hungry, but there are also situations in which we eat without hunger moved by different motives.
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Emotional awareness: what is it and why do we need it?
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п»їThe value of optimism
Common sense and most people have always told us that optimism helps us achieve success in our lives. However, we may not have many logical answers as to why this should be so. Or we may not be clear exactly how we can be optimistic to experience its benefits.
In recent years, research in psychology has endeavored to learn more about what strengths and competencies can foster greater personal satisfaction that can help us live a fulfilling life. According to these findings, definitely, because of its enormous benefits, optimism is a complement that we cannot forget!
"Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement; nothing can be accomplished without hope."
-Hellen Keller
It has been found that optimistic people tend to suffer less from depressive problems. Apparently, this quality helps to protect us from the hopelessness that characterizes this problem and "cushions" the impact of difficulties. In turn, it helps us to see ourselves as more capable of facing conflicts and coping better with suffering.
It has also been shown that optimism also seems to help to have fewer physical illnesses. Apparently, this is a fabulous ingredient when facing stressful situations, which helps us to compensate for their harmful effects on our health.
Likewise, optimism can favor a better academic and sports performance and a better professional adaptation. Its presence helps us to overcome difficulties, while allowing us to build ambitious goals and dreams, which keep us motivated and oriented towards their achievement.
"If you can dream it, you can do it."
-Walt Disney
The secret seems to be that pessimistic and optimistic people use different strategies when facing stressful situations. In the case of optimism, it favors the use of much more efficient and constructive mechanisms when facing conflicts.
Optimism promotes the activation of responses aimed at solving the problem. This prevents, for example, falling into the typical mistake of trying to "forget" or "run away" from that painful or distressing element, which definitely does not help us to find a solution to the conflict.
Optimists seem to move more easily to solve what worries them. Those who have positive thoughts feel more capable, more in control and more likely to succeed.
An optimistic person does more to improve and thinks less about their discomfort, looks for more and better solutions and tries many more times.
On the contrary, pessimists tend to focus on the negative emotions caused by the problem, they get "locked" in a loop from which it is difficult to get out and does not lead them to the solution.
But... How to be really optimistic seems to have a lot to do with expectations. Optimists have a predisposition to expect positive results in their lives, with a general belief that "things are going to turn out well" even if they go through difficult times. This virtue seems to develop as a function of the explanation we have given to events in the past, i.e., how we interpret our experiences.
Optimistic people tend to attribute positive events to permanent, all-encompassing, self-inflicted causes. For example, when they are promoted at work they attribute it to the fact that life is fair and they are really competent. This helps to have positive beliefs that invite us to approach the world, to experiment without fear and to trust in our capabilities.
Negative events, in turn, are often attributed to external, temporary and specific factors. For example, they believe that a hostile attitude from their partner or a friend is possibly because they had a bad day and did it without thinking. This invites a second chance, protects the relationship with the other and ourselves.
This is much less painful and easier to handle than thinking that all people are cruel and that there is something wrong with us that does not allow us to have good relationships. Therefore, the optimist puts the cause of this negative event on something transient and one-off, tomorrow will be another day!
"Pessimism leads to weakness and optimism leads to power."
-William James
Although the success of what we do depends on many factors, it seems that we may find it much more useful to learn to change the explanations we give for our experiences. Holding out hope that things will definitely get better can make life a little easier and more successful!
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Destructive criticism: a problem of the one who makes it, not the one who receives it
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п»їIt was your silence that gave me all the answers.
Sometimes I wait for your answer, your words... I have not learned that they do not come, or that perhaps you offer them to me in another way, as absences, as voids that you do not fill with letters and phrases. Your silence contains what I don't want to hear, what I refuse to hear you utter.
It is cowardly to let silence be the answer, but sometimes it is what we have left. I have not yet learned to expect nothing from you, to have no expectations, to know that this emptiness you create is your answer, is what you want to tell me.
"There are few things as deafening as silence."
-Mario Benedetti
I do not learn to decipher your silenceI fail to interpret the silence you leave when you close a door and allow my thoughts to fly, to manage to give a meaning to those words you do not pronounce. I need you to give shape with your words to all that dense emptiness that you create every time you leave, every time you are silent.
Your silence creates a distance between you and me, an abyss that is impossible to cross, an inexplicable separation that I do not deserve, that I do not understand, and yet I must accept. It is a path that divides into a thousand possibilities, and I cannot know which one suits your thoughts.
"There, in the center of that silence, I found not eternity, but the death of time, and a loneliness so profound that the word itself lost all meaning."
-Toni Morrison
What I know about silenceYour silences are not always the same, they change without us even realizing it. There are shy ones, when you don't dare to speak to me, but you look me in the eyes and your eyes speak to me.
There are ironic ones, when you look into mine and smile without saying anything. There are absent-minded, when I ask you and you haven't listened to me because you are far away from here without wanting to. And above all, there are complicit silences, those that snatch your soul with lips that do not pronounce words.
But this silence, the one that separates us at this moment, encloses other things, what we have not dared to tell each other and has created a deep space between what we have and what we want. And although I no longer expect anything, I am left with the doubt of whether I managed to understand all your silence.
My answer to your silenceI can look for a thousand answers to your silence but I can only answer you in one way: tell me what you think, what worries you, I am at your side to help you, to understand you. If you need a hug I will give it to you, if you need a kiss I will give you hundreds of them, and if you only want me to listen to you I will do it, I only ask you to pronounce what you want to say.
I can answer you in many ways, but I do not wish to create an even bigger gap between you and me. I can keep trying to give form of words to that silence of yours. Or I can ignore it and keep talking to you without receiving an answer. I respect your silence, and I need you to respect my uncertainty, my need to know, to know your thoughts.
The answers your silence gives meIf you leave without saying anything, your silence whispers to me that you don't love me anymore. If you don't answer my messages, it tells me that you don't care how I feel or what I think. If I ask you about your thoughts and you don't answer, your silence tells me that there is something you want to hide from me.
It may be that the answers you want to give are not those but are others, but I cannot know them if you do not help me understand what you do not say.
I hardly remember the echo of your words, I no longer hear them, you move in front of me like a ghost, like someone I do not recognize and it is your silence that suggests to me what you are not able to say with words.
And if again you close the door behind you, without uttering a word, close it forever, don't come back, because it will be at that moment when I will understand that you only wanted to say goodbye to me.
"Words are never enough when what needs to be said overflows the soul."
-Julio CortГЎzar
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I like friends who respect time, silence, and space.
My best friends, my companions of joys and sorrows, know how to share my silences, respect my spaces, and our friendship does not expire.
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Smoking cessation anxiety
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п»їSmoking cessation anxiety
Tobacco use is associated with numerous diseases. This harmful habit reduces life expectancy by approximately ten years and affects us daily in many ways. However, although we are all aware of this reality, approximately 23% of the population continues to smoke on a daily basis. The fact is that the anxiety of quitting smoking can slow down our intentions and attempts to give up tobacco.
Many smokers do not even consider quitting in the short term, perhaps due to a lack of confidence in their ability to do so. However, many others, after several attempts, have ended up succumbing again. This happens because the withdrawal symptoms, among which anxiety predominates, can be really hard to deal with.
It is important to be psychologically prepared to face the challenge, counting on a series of useful strategies.
How does the anxiety of quitting smoking manifest itself? After the first few hours without smoking, the drop in nicotine levels in the body begins to generate in the person anxieties to start smoking again. This anxiety can last for several days, weeks or even months and manifests itself both physically and psychologically.
In the first case, there are medications and nicotine replacement therapies that can help us cope with the symptoms. These include products such as nicotine patches or nicotine gum, which deliver nicotine at low doses without the other harmful components of tobacco.
However, psychological or cognitive anxiety requires more personal work. It can appear as a feeling of restlessness, irritability, lack of concentration and impatience. We must consider that a large majority of smokers use tobacco for emotional regulation; that is, when faced with stressful, painful or overwhelming circumstances, they turn to tobacco for relief, calm and pleasure.
For all these reasons, it is important to know and recognize the way in which we relate to tobacco. This will allow us to detect possible triggers and manage anxiety in an appropriate way.
How to manage the anxiety of quitting smoking? Respect the processFirst of all, we must know that it is very likely that abstinence will be present and maintained for some time. The anxiety to quit smoking will appear, the need to return to consume the substance will be imperious and we will have to hold on to our will not to give in. Fortunately, this ordeal will not last forever, nor will it remain harsh: it will diminish as the days go by.
One aspect of great importance in overcoming the anxiety of quitting smoking is to remove the role of tobacco as an emotional regulator. For many people, quitting tobacco abruptly is intimidating and they prefer to do it progressively. To do this, a great strategy is to decouple tobacco from emotions.
That is, the person can still smoke if he or she wants to, but cannot do so at times of high emotional intensity. He or she should avoid smoking when feeling stress, sadness, worry or any related feelings. By not being able to resort to smoking at these critical moments, the desire to smoke under normal circumstances will be much lower.
Develop coping strategiesFinally, we must find healthier and more adaptive ways of coping with anxiety. To do so, it is highly recommended to start meditating or practicing breathing exercises and relaxation techniques. Similarly, it may be necessary to develop our social skills or problem-solving abilities. In short, it is a matter of having personal tools that allow us to deal with anxiety without resorting to smoking.
Anxiety to quit smoking is temporaryIn short, it is important to assume that in order to quit smoking we will have to deal with both physiological and emotional anxiety, and that this can last for a long time. Craving (or intense cravings to smoke a cigarette) will occur during the first few weeks, but its duration usually does not exceed 10 minutes at a time.
Similarly, as the weeks go by, this strong urge will diminish, as will the craving. Above all, we must remember that, just as we can resort to medication or nicotine patches, we can seek psychological help to make the process easier.
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Psychology can teach you various techniques to help you quit smoking, but it is important that you are prepared and motivated to change.
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Wednesday 02 February 2022 10:52:01
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Wednesday 02 February 2022 09:31:54
Five ideas to better care for a sick person
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п»їAre only children more narcissistic?
We all like to gain or have the approval of others. In this sense, we can all show a certain non-pathological narcissistic tendency. However, if a person is overly concerned with his or her self-esteem and constantly seeks approval from others, he or she has most likely developed or will develop narcissistic personality disorder.
Children are exactly the same and may have narcissistic tendencies or develop the disorder. This will depend on the family nucleus and the style of upbringing given. Do you think that only children are more narcissistic than children with siblings?
So, in this article we will analyze whether research supports the hypothesis that only children are more narcissistic than children who have siblings. Perhaps, the title suggests so. But is this true?
"The narcissism of small differences is the obsession to differentiate oneself from that which is more familiar and similar."
-Sigmund Freud
What is narcissistic personality disorder? We speak of narcissistic personality disorder as the generalized pattern that encompasses grandiosity. This grandiosity manifests itself in the person's thinking and behavior. In addition, it includes a compelling need for admiration and a lack of empathic treatment or empathy towards other people.
The feeling of indifference or hostility towards others is one of the main characteristics of narcissistic disorder.
For Freud, narcissism could be considered primary and secondary, the former implies a lack of relationship with the external world; while in secondary narcissism there is no relationship with objects other than the self or representatives of the self (Serra and Jacqueline, 2016).
According to Caballo (2004): "people with narcissistic personality disorder are characterized by being ambitious and sensitive to the evaluation of those around them, since such evaluation results in feelings of shame, rage, anger, humiliation and may even cause the person with the disorder to deny their mistakes. It is important to mention within the characteristics of the disorder that people tend to relate in ways that may exploit others due to their low empathy."
"The narcissist is so absorbed in his or her selfishness that he or she cannot deal with the needs of others, giving importance only to his or her own. Because of his distorted and inflated personality, he worships himself by exalting his egocentrism."
-Alexandre Bez
How does narcissism develop in children? Narcissism in many cases is the product of a family environment where children are loved and pampered only when they achieve certain accomplishments. The child experiences pleasurable feelings, such as pride, confidence, strength and uniqueness, as long as he or she exhibits the behavior and success that parents expect and receives their praise.
When the child does not receive praise, his whole being is filled with feelings of shame, inadequacy and jealousy. These emotions lead the child to believe that they are not accepted or loved and, therefore, generate significant emotional instability in children. It is easy for a child experiencing negative emotions such as these to become filled with anger.
An anger that the child often hides for fear that it will damage the already tense relationship with his or her parents. These emotions are accompanied by loneliness, emptiness and anxiety. As the child continues to experience praise and criticism, he goes back and forth between contradictory emotions and thoughts.
When the child achieves success, feelings of superiority and uniqueness over others will emerge and he or she will want everyone else to submit to his or her will. In case of failure or rejection, he or she will experience feelings of inferiority and inadequacy, as well as loneliness and disappointment. Going back and forth between these contradictory emotions becomes the essence that shapes a child's existence.
"Don't seek to show off! The wise person who has known his higher essence does not indulge in narcissism or exalt himself."
-Tao Te Ching
Is it true that only children are more narcissistic? We have probably all thought so and believe that being raised without siblings exacerbates the presence of narcissistic traits in children. However, a study conducted by German researchers has debunked this myth.
According to the study conducted last year by researcher Michael Dufner, only children are not more narcissistic than those with brothers and sisters, as previously thought.
In Michael Dufner's words: "people believe that only children are more narcissistic than those with siblings, but this is not true". This makes it clear once again that we need to put stereotypes aside.
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Wednesday 02 February 2022 06:11:14
When I let my ego lose, I gained everything else.
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п»їArt as a cure for the soul
"Love art for its own sake and then everything else will be added to it." (Oscar Wilde)
Art has served me so much... I have learned so many things through it, I have lived such unique experiences with its company alone.....
Through art I have felt that I connected with the world, with the artist, with humanity... it is as if an invisible thread unites us, even if thousands of kilometers separate us from other people...
Through art, I have understood that feelings are universal and that we all experience love, sadness, joy, shame, etc., wherever we are, whoever we are... It's just that each of us is awakened by a different type of stimulus. And that all these feelings and emotions, we can find them and feel them through a work.
Art has been my balm and my refuge in many moments when I thought that the human being was full of imperfections, and that nobody and nothing was really worth it; it was then when I went to a museum to contemplate works, and it was in those moments when I felt a kind of "Stendhal Syndrome" that relieved my pain...
In fact, I would have loved to be an artist, to be able to express myself through a painting, a sculpture or a poem, because I think it must be a wonderful and unique feeling. Although at least, I am content to know that I have the ability to love and enjoy it, even if I put myself, to create "my art", the one that serves me to express myself ...
We invite you to enjoy this video and listen to the music while you read the text.
These words could be the testimony of any art lover and serve as an introduction to an interesting work, which was presented a few years ago by a group of Norwegian researchers led by Koenraad Cuypers.
The study was carried out on almost 51,000 people and published in the "Journal of Epidemiology and Community helt".
According to Cuypers and his team, painting, writing, attending an exhibition or playing a musical instrument makes us happier and healthier.
One of the most curious conclusions of the study reveals that while men are happier and have better health consuming culture than being the creators; in the case of women, the opposite is true: creativity, being the ones who perform the activity satisfies them more than contemplation or consumption of art.
At this point, and taking into account that we live in a society in which depression and anxiety are the order of the day, it would not be a bad thing if when we had to go to the doctor in search of our prozac or our anxiolytics, he would make us several suggestions or recommendations as an accompaniment to our treatment, such as:
"I am going to lower your dose and while I am at it, I recommend the latest exhibitions in town; I have seen this one and this one and they are really good" or "I recommend the book of poems by..." or "go to belly dancing, they have put this activity now in the neighborhood" ....
What do you think?
What is Art for?
-To externalize frustrations and repressed emotions.
Dance, for example, is especially useful for people with eating disorders as it allows them to constantly look at themselves in the mirror to control all the movements of their body and therefore, helps them to personal self-acceptance.
-Music is able to soothe some ailments, having relaxing and calming properties.
-Painting and sculpture help to calm anxiety, stress and fears.
Theater is especially recommended for people with self-esteem problems because it boosts self-confidence.
-Photography is indicated for people with some of the problems mentioned above, but who are especially passive.
The important thing is that the person feels at ease with the activity he/she is doing, and not uncomfortable or forced. In addition, art will help us to know and exploit our creative side, developing our potential and self-knowledge, facilitating our expression and communication.
Come on and discover art!
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7 ideas to let go of in order to be happy
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п»ї11 keys to avoid being manipulated
"To effectively manipulate people, it is necessary to make everyone believe that no one is manipulating them."
-John Kenneth Galbraith
The art of manipulation is a dangerous field closely linked to the communicative and seductive abilities of the person who exercises it.
The great manipulators of all times have become experts thanks to their skills with language and seduction, acting as true snake charmers.
Joseph Goebbels was Adolf Hitler's Minister of Propaganda and the real "power behind the throne" in the Nazi world. He is considered the strategist who turned a fringe group into a gigantic mass movement, with the terrifying consequences we all know.
Goebbels' questionable skill was manipulation and the identification of various mechanisms of suggestion, which allowed him to implement very effective manipulation tactics.
In Nazi Germany, citizens ended up being part of a pathological political project, while inwardly they felt they were the bearers of universal truths.
Maybe you think that's history. After all, Goebbels died a long time ago and the facts ended up unmasking the madness implicit in the Nazi regime. But reality proves otherwise.
The manipulation schemes implemented are still in force and continue to be used in politics to capture the conscience of citizens.
How can you recognize these dark tactics? Let's review the eleven principles of propaganda postulated by Goebbels and you will know if they coincide with the practices of some of today's politicians.
1. Principle of simplification and the single enemy: choosing an adversary and relying on the idea that this adversary is the source of all evil. For example: "the immigrants", "the right" or "the left".
2. Principle of the contagion method: to associate all the opponents in the same category, ignoring the nuances and putting them in a single group: that of the single enemy. For example "the Muslims" or "the terrorists".
This strategy is made possible through the use of generalizations and extremes.
3. Principle of transposition: Incisively accuse the adversary of one's own errors or defects. The thief calls his adversary a thief so that when he responds he is perceived as the classic "kicking drowning man".
4. Principle of exaggeration and disfigurement: To turn any anecdote, however small and banal it may be, into a fact on which the survival of society depends. Every act of the adversary is seen as suspicious and threatening.
5. Principle of vulgarization: "All propaganda must be popular, adapting its level to the least intelligent of the individuals to whom it is addressed. The larger the mass to be convinced, the smaller the mental effort to be made. The receptive capacity of the masses is limited and their comprehension is scarce; moreover, the masses have a great facility for forgetting" (Goebbels).
6. Principle of orchestration: "Propaganda must be limited to a small number of ideas and repeat them tirelessly, presented again and again from different perspectives but always converging on the same concept. Without fissure or hesitation." (Goebbels)
This is also the origin of the famous phrases: "If a lie is repeated often enough, it ends up becoming the truth" and "Lie, lie, lie, lie, something will remain. The bigger the lie, the more people will believe it".
The aim is to focus the attention of the recipients on a continuous message.
7. Principle of renewal: it consists of publishing news and ideas that denigrate the adversary, in great quantity and at great speed. In this way, the contradictor will be defending himself all the time.
As basic and simple as the transmission of a rumor or criticism.
8. Principle of verisimilitude: presenting information apparently supported by solid sources, but which in the background is distorted or partially shown.
The aim is to create a great confusion that citizens will tend to solve by the simplest explanation.
"Better a lie that cannot be disproved than an implausible truth."
9. Principle of silencing: it is about not holding debates on topics on which there are no arguments and, at the same time, making the news that favor the adversary pale.
"If you can't deny bad news, invent other news to distract from it."
10. Principle of transfusion: use national or cultural myths or prejudices to awaken a visceral component that encourages certain political practices. That ideas end up being sustained by primitive emotions.
11. Principle of unanimity: convincing citizens that they think "like everyone else", creating a false unanimity. The instinctive desire to belong to a group will do the rest.
The scheme of Goebbels and his followers is complemented by charismatic leaders and highly emotional and very simple slogans. Also with striking rituals where color and sound are decisive.
All this manages to submerge free citizens in a kind of hypnosis from which they unfortunately end up waking up when it is too late.
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Wednesday 02 February 2022 01:11:25
Warning! Lies in plain sight
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п»їWho is more Raven
I'm sure if you are interested in psychology you know that this branch of science and those who practice it often use instruments or tests to make assessments. Assessment can have many purposes and often they are going to help the professional make a decision: decisions regarding ability level, diagnostic decisions, selection decisions of the most capable subjects, group assignment decisions, positioning within a hierarchy, orientation, rapid screening, etc.
These decisions are not always of equal importance and do not always use only one source of information as a criterion, but often they do have a preponderant weight and are almost determinant in the decision.
However, these tests are not usually free of problems and more often than usual their shortcomings are greater than their virtues. In order not to be too abstract, we are going to focus on a field with a historical tradition and in which tests and measurement theories have played a leading role: intelligence.
The first problem with an intelligence test is that there is no agreement on what it is: there are practically as many definitions as there are experts. Imagine if each of us had a meter with cm of different lengths or worse, if we were talking about size and someone spoke in units of volume, another person in units of area and others in units of surface and we did not know the relationships between these measures. The tower of babel.
On the other hand, to measure intelligence we need an instrument that relates the responses it collects (observable behavior) with some attribute of intelligence in order to place people and the elements that compose it precisely in the attribute they measure. Then, if each test has a definition of intelligence, when a person completes it and obtains a score, he/she is being placed in the definition of intelligence of that test and not of another.
In addition to this problem, the measurement of unobservable, latent or inferred variables involves many more problems. Perhaps one of the biggest problems, and one to which we will devote more attention in future articles, is that of measurement error. Imagine that we have a meter that has units of mm, this will mean that when we take a measurement with this instrument it will have a maximum error of 1mm (and if we are fine and we know how to round off moderately 0.5 mm), however in psychology measurement errors are attributed probability distributions that are not bounded.
So, if they tell you that you have a Raven of 130, although the probability is very low, it would be possible that you have a Raven of 150. Yes, and this can be even more gross because your probability of being 135 is not so low and this may mean that you will be left out of a scholarship or a job or simply that considering this is very good for your self-esteem and you do not do it because you have been told that you have 130.
P.S. and Title Explanation: The Raven is one of the most popular intelligence tests in which the person who answers it must find the missing piece in a series of figures that will be shown, gradually increasing the level of difficulty.
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Explanatory elements of depression
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п»їFace-to-face relationships are the only ones that bring genuine wellbeing
Face-to-face relationships are more problematic than virtual relationships precisely because they are more real. This is because the virtual is much closer to the ideal, since it is an environment that is more easily available to everyone. Some more, others less, but in all cases it does not correspond to the raw and hard reality, but to a transformation of it.
Social networks have allowed us to get in touch with others in a way that is unprecedented in terms of ease and speed. Many have expanded their circle of contacts thanks to them. Unfortunately, all indications are that these virtual friendships or virtual loves are not capable of generating the same degree of well-being as face-to-face relationships.
Although face-to-face relationships are, at times, less "perfect" than virtual relationships, they are more genuine. Physical contact provides a much richer and more definitive experience than any virtual relationship. However, in recent years we have witnessed a veritable boom in online bonding.
"There is a human being behind every tweet, blog and email. Remember that."
-Chris Brogan
The virtual and the realMarshall McLuhan long ago postulated a thesis that was summed up in a lapidary phrase: "The medium is the message." He was referring to the fact that the way we use to communicate determines to a great extent the meaning of what we want to say. Social networks do not escape this logic and, therefore, in themselves, determine or limit the communication that circulates through them.
In social networks, communication is highly mediated. That is to say that there are multiple factors and tools that intervene both at the moment of publishing and at the moment of receiving that message. These virtual media invite us to create a character to show ourselves to others.
We are often not fully aware of this. Simply put, social networks are a space for exposure and perhaps automatically we simply want to be presentable to our audience. This leads us to polish -and perhaps to some extent falsify- what we think, who we are or how we live. We are not the only ones: everyone does it.
For the same reason, in social networks there is not strictly a relationship between people, but between characters. Also without realizing it, we are adjusting ourselves to that character we have created unintentionally. We know that if we enter into a contradiction, or break the apparent coherence, there will always be a cyber-user who will point us out, probably publicly.
Face-to-face relationshipsIn face-to-face relationships there is no way to carry out all these elaborations. Nor can we erase what has been said or shown simply by clicking. There is no external help to make our appearance magically improve, nor do we have too much control over the emotions we want to show.
When two people meet physically, there is a whole host of information and experiences that arise and can only be shared in these face-to-face relationships. The gesture, the scent, the look, the continuity of speech, the posture... All of this speaks of each of us and cannot be edited at will.
For the same reason, it is clear that face-to-face relationships have a higher degree of authenticity than virtual relationships. And because they are more genuine, they also have a deeper psychological impact. This is what one study points out, as we will see in a moment.
A study on the topicResearch conducted by Bruine de Bruin, Parker, & Strough in 2019 revealed that face-to-face bonds provide greater psychological well-being, in people of all ages in contrast to virtual relationships.
One of the most interesting data is that, at all ages, what really provided social well-being, which translates as greater psychological balance, was not having many friends, "contacts" or "followers," but a close circle in which moments of intimacy could be generated.
The study was based on the results obtained from two surveys conducted by the American Life Panel of RAND Corp, among adults of different ages. The vast majority of them agreed that close friendships that are maintained over time and shared in real life provide the greatest satisfaction.
They also agreed in categorizing the vast majority of their contacts in social networks as "peripheral links", i.e., that they were outside what they considered to be the core of their lives. There is no reason to exclude virtual links, but rather to be aware of their scope.
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п»їThe tyrant within you